'Sabrina' Holiday Special: Kiernan Shipka & Ross Lynch on That 'Heartbreaking' Ending (Exclusive)

Are you ready, Witches? Kiernan Shipka & Ross Lynch are spilling secrets about Harvey and Sabrina’s post-solstice relationship status.

Happy Solstice, Witches!

We must’ve all been on the "nice list" because The Dark Lord has gifted us with an extra episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina just in time for the holidays. Praise, Satan!

By now you should’ve all unwrapped the latest episode of Sabrina, but if for some reason you have not already watched "Chapter 11: A Midwinter’s Tale," then you need to hop on your broomstick and fly over to your Netflix queue immediately. 

For everyone else, it’s time to conjure up some fun because ET is gifting you with new interviews from Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch spilling exclusive secrets about Harvey and Sabrina’s post-solstice relationship status.

Here's a mini recap of what happened between our bewitching twosome in "Chapter 11: A Midwinter's Tale"...


Fresh off their breakup, Sabrina and Harvey struggled with how to act around each other in the hallways at Baxter High, so our white-haired beauty tried to diffuse the tension with a sweet gift: enchanted colored pencils with tips that never wear down. Unfortunately, Harvey — who is still struggling with the loss of his brother and the news that Sabrina is the witch — was still not ready for anything involving the m-word.

In an effort to end Mr. Kinkle's alcohol problem and help make Harvey's home life a bit more bearable, Sabrina brewed up a batch of enchanted eggnog that cures alcoholism. Unfortunately for Sabrina, Harvey was sick of her magical meddling and by the end of the episode, he not only gave back the colored pencils, but he seemed to end their spellbinding relationship for good this time.

Is your witchy little heart breaking? Ours too! So when ET visited the Sabrina set in Vancouver, Canada, last week, we asked the stars to spill the witches brew on filming this holiday episode and what's next for Harvey and Sabrina.

Shipka revealed that she was "obviously heartbroken" when she first read Harvey and Sabrina's melancholy ending. 

"I’m a Harbrina shipper as much as anyone else, ya know?" the actress said glumly to ET while trying to keep warm on the chilly Sabrina set. "But it’s heartbreaking, it totally is. I loved them. I think that they’re wonderful and even if they do eventually end up getting back together, nothing will be like Harvey and Sabrina season one. Like, RIP that. Because truly that was such a special, innocent, young love thing and that is a thing of the past."


"That will never happen again," she added. "They’ve both seen too much and done too much at this point." 

Lynch echoed his co-stars sentiments and revealed that he was personally bummed when he read that Harvey was to give the enchanted colored pencils back to Sabrina and asked her to never do magic on or near him "ever again."

"I was reading the script and I was like, '[No,] Harvey!' Because you know I had that reaction too," he explained. "It makes sense, but as a fan, you want him to be OK with the magic."

So what's next for Harvey and Sabrina when Chilling Adventures returns to Netflix for part two in April? "In the next part of season one, we see them coming into their own and finding themselves in new ways," Shipka teased. "In ways that separate them more and bring them back together more — it’s a bit of a back and forth."

Regardless of their bleak current standings, Lynch is still holding out hope for a romantic reconciliation between these two characters. "There’s always going to be a little bit of a spark between them throughout the show," he revealed. "That’s what I’m expecting, but you never know. There will be some romance that kicks up in a few episodes later between Habrina but there’s also some romance that kicks up between some other characters on the show that I think you might also like."

What do you think, Witches? Are you ready for some new romances or do you think Harvey and Sabrina belong together? Also, are we calling their shipper name Habrina, Harbrina or Harvina?! Bewitch @LeanneAguilera with your thoughts on Twitter!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is available to stream on Netflix.