Sailor Brinkley-Cook Opens Up About Struggles With Body Dysmorphia and Eating Disorder Tendencies

Sailor Brinkley-Cook
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

The 'Dancing With the Stars' alum shared a lengthy message on her Instagram over the weekend.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook is opening up about her daily insecurities.

The 21-year-old model took to Instagram over the weekend, sharing a lengthy message about her struggles with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a condition in which a person obsesses over their real or perceived flaws that others often cannot see.

"I'm so f**king sick and tired of the photoshop ??," Brinkley-Cook began the post, quoting lyrics from "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar. "I've been so down on myself recently. Crying about my cellulite, letting the fat on my body ruin my day, getting mad that I'm not as skinny as I once was. The body dysmorphia and left over eating disorder tendencies have been coming in strong."

"As I come into myself as a young woman my body shifts and changes by the month, the 'control' I felt I once had over it has been completely stripped away from me. Hormones, emotions, growing pains," she added. "I go on Instagram and scroll through photos of girls that look 'perfect'.. shiny skin with not a bump to be seen, tiny little waist and thighs that look like chopsticks. And I compare myself, as if how someone on an app on my phone looks should directly correlate to how I feel about my body?"

Brinkley-Cook continued on, telling fans that she runs every day, goes to the gym six times a week and fuels her body with "beautiful food" to stay healthy and active.

"I am so f**king LUCKY to have two legs and a healthy body that takes me through life. I'm so tired of thinking anything that makes up ME is something to be ashamed of," she admitted. "So as most 21st century girls would do, I'm putting this out there on instagram. Declaring that I have cellulite, and a stomach that doesn't always look 'pleasant' (whatever the f**k that means) and I am 100% imperfect human. And I’m proud as hell of my body!"

"If you’re out there hating on yourself, stop!!" she added. "Appreciate yourself. Your body is so magical. That’s all. Have a nice day."

The post was well-received by plenty of Brinkley-Cook's fans and friends, including some of the female pros she became close with during season 28 of Dancing With the Stars.

"I love this post so so much," Emma Slater raved. "What an inspirational and smart young women you are. Truly beautiful."

"You are everything and we love you sailor!!!???," Daniella Karagach added.

Following her elimination from DWTS last October, Brinkley-Cook and her pro partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, stopped by ET to discuss what it was like competing together last minute after her mom, Christie, dropped out due to an injury. During the interview, Brinkley-Cook also explained why she felt like "a totally different person" after taking part in the dance competition.

"I was so afraid to do this and it terrified me," she confessed. "The fact that I got to do it for six weeks and I got to get up there and face my fears week after week ... I'm just happy that I got to go through this."

Hear more in the video below.