Sandra Oh Gives Powerful Speech About 'Moment of Change' in Golden Globes Monologue With Andy Samberg

The hosting duo recaptured their 2018 Emmys-presenting magic and then some!

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh just have a way with awards shows!

The hosting pair did not disappoint with their opening monologue at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, and while some were surprised the pair was chosen to co-host the show, it just goes to show, "there can be 100 people in the room, and 99 don't believe in you, and you just need one to believe in you." 

If you think we just quoted Lady Gaga, we did, but so did Samberg and Oh as they took the stage. "You just need one to believe in you, and that is Bradly Cooper!" Samberg hilariously called out, as an embarrassed Gaga couldn't help but react from her table. 

"It's true!" she shouted from behind her Star Is Born co-star. 

While Samberg and Oh poked a little fun at Gaga, the rest of their monologue kept things pretty complimentary. "Bradley Cooper, you're hot!" Oh declared, while Samberg gave a similar shout-out to Michael B. Jordan. 

"Michael B. Buff AF... you a snack, Michael!" he yelled. 

"And we can't forget Amy Adams, nominated for multiple Golden Globes tonight," Oh continued. "Hey, Amy, save some for the rest of us, you meg talented piece of dog crap.

"Jeff Bridges," Samberg concluded, "Hey Jeff, I wish you were my dad." 

The pair concluded their time on stage with a heartfelt note on Hollywood's changing diversity landscape from Oh. 

"I said yes to the fear of being on this stage tonight because I wanted to be here to look out into this audience and witness this moment of change, and I'm not fooling myself," she shared. "Next year could be different, it probably will be, but right now, this moment is real. Trust me, it is real, because I see you, and I see you, all of these faces of change, and now, so will everyone else."

Of course, if you saw the 2018 Emmys last September -- where Oh and Samberg presented together -- it's no surprise the duo would display great onstage chemistry. However, talking to ET's Keltie Knight in a joint interview ahead of the show, they laughed off the idea that their Emmys bit was a fateful moment.

"I would actually separate it," Oh explained. "The Emmys is not an audition for the Golden Globes. The Emmys is a fantastic show in and of itself, and we were there for that, and it just so happened people could see our chemistry -- which is terrible."

However, Samberg disagreed!

"I was hoping when we walked out there we would get this gig," he jokingly countered, while Oh burst out laughing. "But I'm like, climbey. Always trying to leverage into the next thing. I'm kind of thirsty AF."

During the joint interview, the two of them also offered insight into how they'd approach their hosting duties.

"The Globes are not notorious for any pre-tapes or big musical numbers," Samberg explained. "It's kind of the joy and limitations of the space. It's a smaller room, a smaller stage, and I think because of that, it's great for comedy, maybe not necessarily for big showy numbers."

Watch the video below for more from this year's Golden Globes.