Sans Co-Founders John Fanelly and Adam Bedford Share Their Must-Haves for At-Home Offices

Sans co-founders John Fanelly and Adam Bedford are sharing everything you need for your at-home office with ET.

Entrepreneurs John Fanelly and Adam Bedford want people to breathe easy. Their passion for keeping our indoor air clean started in early 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The duo's research found that the places we spend the most time in, our homes and offices, were actually quite unhealthy. 

"Our air is filled with all sorts of harmful things including viruses, bacteria, allergens, harmful chemicals, odors and mold. Most of the time, they can go unnoticed and greatly impact our health and well-being," Fanelly tells ET. 

"When COVID hit, John and I were looking at air purifiers and didn’t see one that had everything we wanted, so we decided to make our own," Bedford adds. 

The pair went on to create Sans, a premium air purifier that helps rid your space of dangerous pollutants, features a quiet high-tech fan, and looks modern in any room. 


"We are all at home, all the time now. Our homes are our offices, schools, gyms, restaurants, theaters, and playgrounds. We are sharing our space with our kids, partners, and pets, and most likely, smaller spaces than we are used to in our offices or at school," Fanelly notes. 

"Knowing your air is free of chemicals and other harmful pollutants means you can exhale a bit easier through the challenges of having our home play so many roles right now," he continues.

Additional items the two recommend for your at-home office include everything from meaningful photos, to delicious snacks, to gorgeous plants and more.

"I'm pretty far from my family, so I have a photo of my family on my desk to help me feel closer. Speaking of nurturing, I also recently added a fig tree to my office," Bedford shares. 

As for Fanelly, he says, "I feel most productive while working if I have a picture of a tropical beach for motivation, Sour Patch Kids as a sweet treat, and my cat to calm any work-related stress or anxiety."

Sans is available for $349.99.


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