Sara Ramírez Slams 'Hack Job' Profile Criticizing Their 'And Just Like That' Role as Ché Diaz

The actor has played controversial non-binary comic Ché Diaz on both seasons of the 'Sex and the City' reboot.

Sara Ramírez is speaking out against a profile featuring them. The non-binary star of And Just Like That appeared in a piece for The Cut in June, but Ramírez chose to offer their thoughts on Tuesday, months later, in a heated Instagram post. 

"Been thinking long and hard about how to respond to The Hack Job's article, 'written' by a white gen z non-binary person who asked me serious questions but expected a comedic response I guess (?)," Ramírez began. "Here's the good news: I have a dry sense of humor and a voice. And I am not afraid to use either." 

Ramírez went on to distance themselves from their widely discussed And Just Like That character, Ché Diaz, a non-binary comic who was previously a love interest for Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon). 

"I am not the fictional characters I have played, nor am I responsible for the things that are written for them to say," Ramírez wrote. 

The Max star also referenced And Just Like That show runner Michael Patrick King, writing, "When a cis man is in charge and has ultimate control of dialogue actors say, and you have a valid problem with it, perhaps you should be interviewing him."

The interviewer in question is Brock Colyar, who reposted Ramírez's post on their Instagram Story without comment. 

Colyar's profile features quotes from both Ramírez and Nixon, though Ramírez is the clear focus of the story. 

"When I try to tell Nixon about some of my own mixed feelings, she asks, like a therapist, 'Do you want to unpack that to me?' Both actors seem to believe the reaction has more to do with a societal discomfort around gender-nonconforming people, rather than a hope coming from actual queer people that we be portrayed as less lame," Colyar wrote in the June profile of their issues with the character of Ché. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Ché proved to be a polarizing character on the Sex and the City reboot, breaking up Miranda's marriage to Steve Brady (David Eigenberg) in the first season before splitting from Miranda in season 2. 

And Just Like That was renewed for a season 3 ahead of the show's season 2 finale this week. In addition to Ramírez and Nixon's roles, it also stars Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Kristin Davis as Charlotte York Goldenblatt, and John Corbett as Aidan Shaw. Kim Cattrall is set to make a brief cameo in this week's finale as her beloved character, Samantha Jones.