'Saturday Night Live': Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Tries Harvey Weinstein's Trial Tactics in 'Cold Open'

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'

'SNL' reimagined the impeachment trial as a daytime courtroom reality show.

Saturday Night Live came out swinging over the weekend yet again with another edgy, political cold open -- this time giving viewers an imaginary Impeachment more in line with what many hoped it would be.

Daytime TV's Judge Mathis (Kenan Thompson) presided over the case, Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) and Lindsay Graham (Kate McKinnon) kicked things off by both working to defend President Donald Trump.

Pete Davidson also made an increasingly rare but remarkably confident appearance as Hunter Biden -- the son of Joe Biden, who's also at the heart of Trump's Ukrainian scandal.

Coming in court on a hoverboard, Davdison's Biden took some jabs at Trump's famed nepotism before hoverboarding out to a wave to cheers.

For a while, it seemed we'd have yet another cold open without Alec Baldwin's Trump, but then the courtroom doors swung open and Trump came hobbling in with the help of a walker.

Arguing that he couldn't have committed any election meddling because he's "a very sick old man," these days, Judge Mathis asked, "Are you trying to Weinstein me right now?"

"It would make sense because Harvey and I overlap in a few areas," Trump said, with a shrug.

As for his defense, Trump explained the general thesis of why he shouldn't be convicted: "I'm guilty, but it ain't no thang."

Later, since the imaginary trial ends up being about as partisan as the real trial, Trump decided to get some stuff off his chest.

"Nothing I do or say has any consequence, so I'd like to come clean about everything," Trump said.

Among his revelations: "I watch CNN all the time, I think it's awesome," "I cheat all the time at golf, wives, elections and bathroom scales," and finally, "I cut the funding to the CDC, so this Wang Chung virus is gonna be really bad."

Check out the video below for more on this season of Saturday Night Live.

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