Savannah Guthrie Wears Her Dress Backward on the 'Today' Show by Accident

Savannah Guthrie
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Common Sense Media

Savannah Guthrie just totally pulled off a fashion faux pas.

The 48-year-old Today show co-anchor revealed on the NBC morning show on Thursday that she was actually wearing her red-and-black Thakoon dress backward, which she did by accident. Guthrie held open her collar on-air to show that the tag was in the front of the dress instead of the back, noting that she had been "distracted" and up since 3:30 a.m.

"So that happened," Guthrie deadpanned. "Well, there's always next year."

Guthrie also acknowledged her mistake on Instagram.

"Put my dress on backwards and too late to change it so now I’m like ➡️," she cracked.

It's been a tough few months for the mother of two, who returned to the Today show earlier this month after she had to undergo eye surgery in December. Guthrie tore her retina when her 3-year-old son, Charley, accidentally threw a toy train at her eye in November.

Still, she's remained in good spirits since the accident, even dropping by the Today show holiday party last month despite her serious injury.

"She was doing great," Willie Geist told viewers at the time. "She was there with her mother, Nancy, and she said, 'You all are a sight for sore eye.' Singular. She's only seeing out of one of them now."

For more on Guthrie's eye injury, watch the video below:


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