Saweetie Dishes on YG Romance, New Music and Her 'Shot O' Clock' Music Video (Exclusive)

The 'Tap In' rapper is celebrating New Music Friday with two new tracks!

It's New Music Friday, and Saweetie knows that means it's "Shot O' Clock!" 

The "Best Friend" rapper released two new tracks on Friday: the party anthem "Shot O' Clock" and a collab with YG and Tyga titled "Birthday."

"I think 'Birthday' is like, the pregame, and 'Shot O' Clock' is the party, you know?" Saweetie told ET's Denny Directo when he exclusively joined her on the glamorous set of the "Shot O' Clock" music video.

"When me and my homegirls, my family, my friends are turning up, we always like, 'Shot o' clock!'" she said of the inspiration for the track. "[I knew] we needed a shot o'clock anthem."

The song may be about partying hard, but the luxurious music video is all about elegance.

"It's just the ode to old Hollywood," Saweetie explained. "I love the glamour of it, I love Chelo Alonso, Marilyn [Monroe] was a part of that era, Elizabeth Taylor, but it's just like, paying homage to those girls who really gave us glamour."

And the rapper has an unusual co-star in the vid: a massive boa constrictor, Britney Spears-style!

The intimidating reptile might send others running, but Saweetie said she was totally comfortable with her scaly video vixen.  

"That was actually my first pet though," she revealed. "I had a boa constrictor when I was like, five years old."

So, with the release of two brand new singles, can fans finally expect the release of her highly-anticipated debut album, Pretty Bitch Music?

"That's the million dollar question," she teased. "I'ma keep it cute for now. Stay tuned, baby."

There will be plenty of new performances to see, however, on her upcoming tour. Saweetie is hitting the road with fellow rappers YG, Tyga and Kamaiyah for the Str8 to the Klub Tour, which kicks off Sept. 21 in Sacramento, California.

"I feel like it's a whole bunch of West Coast stuff going on right now," Saweetie shared. "We haven't seen the West Coast come together in a really long time, so I'm really excited to be a part of that... It's gonna be fun, it's a West Coast party."

She had less to say, however, on those rumors about her budding romance with YG.

"You put me on the spot!" the rapper said with a laugh, but coyly said she's liking the vibe, and that she's happy.

Saweetie's new tracks, "Shot O' Clock" and "Birthday," are out now. The "Shot O' Clock" music video drops Friday, Aug. 4.