'Scandal': Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington Dish on the Series' Final Scene

Shonda loves a cliffhanger!

Oh, Shonda Rhimes! 

The Scandal showrunner kept us guessing after Thursday's series finale seemed to imply that Olivia Pope became president -- and if you're hoping for confirmation, she's not giving it. 

The super-producer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the episode with star Kerry Washington to dish all things Scandal finale, revealing that series' final scene of Olivia's portrait hanging in the National Gallery is "absolutely" up for interpretation.

"No [I won't tell people how to interpret it]," teased Rhimes, who admitted she didn't finish the episode until "about 2 p.m." the day before. "I know [how it ends]. I'm not going to say!" 

As for Washington, she really wanted "Shonda to answer this question" -- but confessed that even in the script, "It's written that we're not sure exactly why [Olivia's portrait is hanging in the gallery]." 

"I get one last thing to say as a spoiler that I'm not going to reveal," Rhimes coyly said. 

The rest of the cast joined the duo for the rest of the interview, where Washington revealed that she's still in "denial" over the ending of the series -- and hasn't seen the last three episodes. 

"I feel like once I watch it, it's really over," she confessed. 

As for David Rosen's shocking mid-episode death, Joshua Malina admitted he got a head's up before the cast's tearful table read. "I got a call the night before. I saw it was Shonda's office, I didn't answer," he joked. 

In a series of tweets Thursday night, Malina tweeted, "Well, that was the worst round of the Scandal drinking game EVER. #thefinalscandal," as other castmates expressed their heartbreak over his character's shocking death. 

See more on Scandal in the video below. 



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