Scheana Shay Photoshopped Raquel Leviss Out of Her Wedding Pics and Replaced Her With a 'VPR' Co-Star

Scheana Shay is erasing any sign of Raquel Leviss from her life.

Scheana Shay and her photoshopping skills are erasing Raquel Leviss from an important moment. 

Shay was on the Undressed With Pol’ and Patrik podcast and said after it was revealed that Leviss and Tom Sandoval had an affair behind Ariana Madix’s back, she had to remove Leviss from her wedding photos. 

"I decided to edit all my wedding photos and put Lala [Kent]’s face on Raquel’s," Shay said. "I had to," she added. "I don’t want that b***h in my photos."

Leviss and Madix both served as bridesmaids at Shay’s wedding to Brock Davies in Mexico in August 2022.

Shay shared during an Amazon Live on March 30 that she has a "disgusting" memory of Sandoval and Leviss from the wedding weekend.

"One of my girlfriends was like, 'So, I was at the pool the morning of your wedding, and I was just looking back at some of my photos, and there’s literally one with Tom and Raquel in the background in a cabana just hanging out at the pool together,'" she recalled.

"They knew that Ariana was occupied with me as a good friend and a good bridesmaid, so they took that time to hang out. It’s just so disgusting," she added.

In a sit-down interview with Howie Mandel on Tuesday, Sandoval attempted to share his side of the story, which largely revolved around placing the blame for his infidelity on his now-ex, Ariana.

Sandoval said that, over the last year, he began to "feel trapped" in his relationship with Madix and realized that he needed to "make a change to feel alive again, to feel motivated, to feel optimistic again."

Enter Leviss, who came along "at the worst time ever" for Sandoval because he was "yearning for a connection."

Afterward, Sandoval said he went to therapy to "try to figure out what the hell I'm going to do."

"The feelings were something very, very strong. Those feelings that I had started to take over in a sense. Logic, all that s**t went out the window," he said. "... Our connection was healthy, but the environment that it created -- the lying, the sneaking around -- was very unhealthy. But time was always fleeting. Every time we were around each other it felt like it could be the last time we'd see each other. It made us both obsessive over trying to see each other and stuff."

What followed was a months-long affair with Leviss, which only became public knowledge last month, and is currently playing out on season 10 of Vanderpump Rules.