Scott Baio's Wife Renee Reveals She's Been Diagnosed With Microvascular Brain Disease

Amy Graves/WireImage

Renee was diagnosed with diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor in 2015.

Scott Baio's wife is opening up about her health. 

Renee Baio revealed on Twitter on Saturday that she's been diagnosed with Microvascular Brain Disease, two and a half years after being diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor. 

Replying to a fan asking about her health struggles, Renee tweeted, "Besides having 2 meningioma brain tumors, in Oct 2017 I also learned I have Microvascular Brain Disease." 

Scott confirmed the news in his own tweet, praising his wife of 11 years. "Unfortunately, this is true. Renee is forever my rock, my life & my soulmate! Toughest person I know. @MrsScottBaio." 

Microvascular brain disease, also known as chronic small vessel ischemic disease, is a common condition affecting small blood vessels in the brain that is often correlated with chronic illnesses including hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or high blood pressure. In some cases, chronic small vessel ischemic disease is correlated with symptoms such as tiny strokes, while other patients have no symptoms at all. It's often diagnosed during MRI scans for other conditions and is most often found in elderly adults. 

Scott and Renee married in 2007, welcoming their daughter, Bailey, two months later. After Bailey was misdiagnosed with glutaric acidemia type 1, a rare metabolic condition, the pair created The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, a non-profit for special needs children affected by metabolic disorders. Renee has been vocal about her own struggle with two brain tumors.