See Bob Saget Star in Desiigner's 'Bakin' Music Video

The new music video dropped on Friday and just over a month after Saget's untimely death.

The late Bob Saget wore many hats in Hollywood -- actor, comedian, host. And now you can include a literal chef's hat.

Rapper Desiigner had the late Full House star appear in his new music video for "Bakin'," which features Slushii and DJ Whoo Kid. The new video, which dropped Friday, shows Saget in a chef's uniform cooking bacon in what was his final role before his untimely death on Jan. 9 in Orlando, Florida.

The video opens up with the "Panda" rapper FaceTiming Snoop Dogg and asking if he had any chef recommendations. Snoop replies, "You just get Bob over there." To everyone's shock, Bob Saget appears.

The bacon-sizzling, stacks-of-cash-catching Saget dances away in the kitchen next to porn star Kendra Sunderland.

According to Rolling Stone, which premiered the music video, the video was shot in mid-December, and it was Whoo Kid who enlisted Saget's services. 

“We needed a chef for the video and I remember thinking, ‘Who the f**k is gonna be the chef who can make it weird?'" Whoo Kid told Rolling Stone. "Then immediately I thought ‘Bob Saget!’ Nobody on set believed me when I said he’d come until he actually drove up and rang the bell, like this was a Full House episode. When you have rappers pull up for videos, they bring a Maybach, or rent a Lambo, they show off. He shows up and parks his Lexus on the grass and comes in looking like a dad."

Last month, ET had exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Saget working on the video, just weeks before his passing. 

Former SNL star Jay Pharoah told ET last month he was supposed to be in the scene with Saget, but showed up late.

"You know, you always think in your head, 'Well, I'll see him' but you don't know how long you have with people man," he said.

In the interview with Rolling Stone, Pharoah applauded Saget's ability to turn in masterful performances regardless of the situation.

“It’s so funny because this video is a testament to what Bob Saget was on stage,” Pharoah told Rolling Stone. “He was the item of incongruity. He would go up there and he would say all of this outlandish sh*t, and people wouldn’t expect him to say it. The fact that it was so extreme and it was coming from America’s favorite dad, it messed people up. It’s the same thing in this video.”