See Hailey Bieber's Sweet Valentine's Day Tribute to Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin
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Hailey Bieber is swooning over her husband on Valentine's Day!

The 22-year-old newlywed took to Instagram on Thursday to gush over her husband, Justin Bieber. The model shared a steamy shot of her and Justin kissing while lying down. The black-and-white pic is beyond romantic, with Justin's arm wrapped firmly around his wife.

"I get to be his valentine forevaaa evaaa???? ??," she captioned the photo.

Also on Wednesday, Hailey appeared in a new Harper's BAZAAR video -- alongside fellow models including Winnie Harlow and Taylor Hill -- and gushed about the sweetest thing Justin, 24, has done for her.

"I got home from work one day and my husband had flowers just because on the table for me," Hailey said while blushing. "And no one had ever done that for me before for just no occasion, no specific reason."

The video also featured the models discussing their past relationships, with Hailey even telling all about her first kiss.

"First kiss that I can remember with a boy that I really, really, really had a big crush on when I was probably 12 or 13," she revealed. "We were sledding at my house. We did a little, like, jump onto the driveway and we were laying there and laughing and there was snow on the ground and we kissed."

Though she certainly counts her first kiss as a happy memory, Hailey also shared that not all of her kisses have been picture perfect.

"I've definitely had a couple where was I like, 'Eh, I wish that did not happen,'" she confessed. "We've all had those!"

Now happily married, Hailey is thrilled with all the love in her life. "I think love is just a really important thing," she said. "I think it comes in all different types of relationships, all different forms."

As of late, Hailey has reportedly been loving her husband by encouraging him to seek treatment amid his recent mental health struggles.

"One of the reasons Hailey knew he needed more help was his sleep patterns," a source recently told ET. "He's been sleeping far more than usual, and struggles to get out of bed until very late into the morning or early afternoon."

"It's very hard for Hailey to watch him suffer with the depression. She's been nothing but a good support system for him but she knows she isn't a professional, and steady therapy is exactly what he needs," the source continued. "She loves him dearly and hates to see him in pain. She just wants him to be at his healthiest so she pushed him to get steady help and he hasn't resisted."

Watch the video below for more on the couple:


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