Selena Gomez Gets Choked Up While Reflecting on Her Love Life

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Selena Gomez is speaking out about the songs that mean the most to her.

As part of Capital FM's "Reflection" segment, the 26-year-old singer was left alone in a room to answer questions about meaningful songs and experiences in her life in front of a mirror. Throughout the video, Gomez was candid and raw, but it was the penultimate question that got her choked up.

"[What's] a song that reminds you of being in love?" Gomez, who previously dated Justin Bieber, read.

After taking several beats to consider the question, where she looked off to the side contemplatively and shook her head, Gomez said, "I don't know if I have one. Yeah. I don't think I had one."

Also during the clip, Gomez spoke at length about her family, revealing that Lee Ann Womack's 2000 song, "I Hope You Dance," was the first track she ever loved -- and one she still cries to "every time" she hears it -- and that Miranda Lambert's 2009 song, "The House That Built Me," reminds her the most of home.

"Me and my nana used to love it, so it makes me think of home," she said of "I Hope You Dance," before revealing the significance of Lambert's track. 

"If you just hear that song, it makes you cry," she says. "There's some lyrics that [say], 'I think my handprints on the cement' and 'the backyard where her dog is buried.' That's all actually true for me. I had, when I was five, my handprints, we had a little shed in the backyard. The first dog that I had with my mom, we did have to bury. It was very simple in Texas growing up."

Gomez went on to expand on her Texas childhood, revealing how much she treasured her parents' involvement in the arts,

"My mom did a lot of theater growing up and my father was a DJ at one point, so I was always surrounded by a lot of creativity," she said. "And that's rare coming from where I grew up. So I felt like I was meant to do it."

Now that she's established in her career, Gomez said that her "ultimate dream" is to "save people's lives through something."

"Whether it's a song, music, or if it's me just speaking about the troubles and trials and tribulations that I had gone through. That would be my goal," she said. "I'd rather be remembered as someone who has helped. That I could be a voice for others who maybe don't know what's going on or what they're feeling. That's what I hope."

At the end of the clip, Gomez stared into the mirror and revealed what she sees each time she looks at herself.

"I see strength. I see sensitive. Fun. Hopefully I'm having some sort of fun," she said. "Still working on what I see in the mirror, I suppose."


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