Selena Gomez Says She 'Went Into a Bit of Depression' at the Start of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Selena Gomez

The self-proclaimed extrovert opens up about her struggles in quarantine.

Selena Gomez is opening up about her mental health struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic. The 28-year-old singer hosted a discussion with Dr. Vivek Murthy, the former Surgeon General during President Barack Obama's administration, on her Rare Beauty page about the importance of focusing on one's mental health during a challenging time. 

"In the beginning I couldn't deal with it that well. I kind of went into a bit of a depression," Gomez admits during the talk. "Then I started going into a place where I was writing and being active. It just forced me to have that time. I've been able to spend time with those people, those quality people, a lot more than I ever have. Spending a lot more time with my family and I almost feel like I've become normalized in this situation that's not normal." 

The performer said that one of the hardest parts of the pandemic has been her inability to connect with her fans in person. 

"My job is a lot of travel, connecting with people, making people happy and that makes me happy, so it has been a struggle," she shared. 

Dr. Murthy told Gomez he was sorry "it's been so difficult," to which she responded, "It's OK. Slowly, towards the end I've found the things that I'm doing were coming out and that was something that was extremely exciting for me."

In addition to working to raise money for mental health with Rare Beauty, Gomez also revealed that she's been able to return to the recording studio recently. 

"I would say right now I'm fully coming out again. I just think I had to handle it the way I needed to handle it and I got through it with the right people and doing the right things and doing the right steps to not make me go crazy," she said. "It took me years to work on myself for that."