Seth Meyers Days Drinks With Dua Lipa, Names His Least Favorite Late-Night Host

Seth Meyers

The father of three let loose during his viral segment on 'Late Night.'

Seth Meyers has let go of his filter thanks to another segment of day drinking. This time, the 49-year-old Late Night host enlisted the help of singer Dua Lipa, pounding shots with such intensity that it put his segment with Rihanna to shame. 

"I'd like to apologize to my wife and kids. Daddy's coming home," the father of three quipped. "You'd better clean up your Legos. If I see a single Lego on the floor… ohhhh. Oh let me guess, you're mad because I was with Dua Lipa?"

Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe, have three kids -- sons Ashe, 7, and Axel, 5, and daughter Adelaide, 2, -- and one of the questions Lipa asked him was to rank his kids in order of favorite to least favorite. 


"I'm gonna do the shot," Meyers said. 

"Do you have a favorite?" the "Dance the Night Away" singer asked. 

"Of course I do. By the way, my kids, if you're growing up and watching this on YouTube, you know who you are. You're a girl!" Meyers quipped, referencing his only daughter. 

When asked about his "least favorite" part of being a parent, Meyers didn't hold back. 

"They're so dumb. My kids, so stupid," Meyers said, slurring his words. "You know what the dumbest thing is? They can't even put gloves on… The shape, the glove is the instruction."


Meyers also took the opportunity to slam one of his fellow late-night hosts when was asked which one was his least favorite. 

"I don't think the British should be allowed to have American talk shows. We fought the Revolutionary War," Meyers said to the British-Albanian singer. "John Oliver, go back home. Go win the f**king BAFTAs, stop taking our Emmys. There are awards for you. I don't hate the Brits, I just f**king hate you, John."


Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has won 26 Emmys and been nominated 61 times. 

The segment ended with an editor's note, saying, "At this point, Dua said she needed a few minutes. A few minutes later, Dua's team said she needed a few minutes more. A few minutes after that her team said, 'Dua has to go home now.'"

The "Houdini" singer took to Instagram to share the video, writing, "Last friday I got s**tfaced 'day drinking' with @sethmeyers @latenightseth !! SO. MUCH. FUN. ~ i'm still recovering 🤪🤪🍾🍻🤸🏻‍♀️🕳️ watch it on youtubeeee now." 

Meyers has done the day drinking sketch many times with stars including Ina Garten, Rihanna, Lizzo and Kelly Clarkson.