'Sex and the City' Writer Candace Bushnell Finally Answers the Mr. Big vs. Aidan Debate

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Candace Bushnell -- a.k.a the real-life Carrie Bradshaw -- has finally weighed in on the Mr. Big-Aidan debate, and her answer's pretty golden.

The Sex and the City author took to Twitter on Wednesday and threw a bit of a curve ball when it comes to who was the better suitor for Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the hit HBO series Sex and the City and And Just Like That. The long-running debate always pitted Big (Chris Noth) against Aidan (John Corbett), and now Bushnell's answering the question.

 "When people ask me if I’m Team Big or Team Aidan, I loudly proclaim my love for Harry Goldenblatt," Bushnell tweeted.

Harry (Evan Handler) played Charlotte's (Kristin Davis) divorce lawyer in season 6. And, after Charlotte officially ended things with Trey (Kyle MacLachlan), Charlotte and Harry tied the knot and welcomed two children. 

In any event, SATC fans didn't seem let down by Bushnell's answer in the Big-Aidan debate. One fan responded with approval saying, "Oh yes! Stable, loving, and caring character! I just love how Charlotte bloomed even more when with Harry." Another fan wrote, "This is the only correct answer."

Just a couple of weeks ago, HBO Max debuted new footage for the second season of And Just Like That. While brief, Parker, Davis and Cynthia Nixon are seen reprising their roles as Carrie tells Miranda and Charlotte, "I have to start a new chapter. Other people do." The clip of them at dinner is mixed in with scenes from season one of the Sex and the City continuation series. 

While HBO Max has yet to release any official details for season 2, the series has been filming new episodes since September. In the following months, the cast has been seen all over New York City, with Parker and Nixon spotted in Central Park in what appears to be a Halloween-themed episode, Parker donning Carrie's iconic Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, Parker wearing a Met Gala-inspired headpiece and Choudhury's character, Seema, getting robbed. 

Corbett is set to return as Aidan, making him the latest character from the original series to be brought back for the new installment in the franchise. According to reports, "Corbett is set for a substantial, multi-episode arc on the second season... reprising his role as the likable furniture maker."

While HBO Max declined to comment on the news, Parker told ET that she "can’t be, like, cryptic about it anymore," seemingly confirming Aidan's return. 


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