'Shadow and Bone' Star Jessie Mei Li Reveals Which Couple She Ships in Alina's Love Triangle (Exclusive)

Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Archie Renaux and more 'Shadow and Bone' stars open up to ET about bringing their book characters to life.

It's time to shine some light on TV's next best love triangle!

Shadow and Bone, which premieres this Friday, April 23 on Netflix, is the highly anticipated adaptation of author Leigh Bardugo's bestselling Grishaverse books and the answer to many of our recent TV-related prayers.

The series is a can't-miss mix of Game of Thrones-like drama and a magical intrigue that gives us some Avatar: The Last Airbender vibes. Now if you add in the high-stakes thrills of Ocean's Eleven with some swoon-worthy Hunger Games-esque romances, you can see why Shadow and Bone already has such a devoted fanbase.

And while we know that there is something for everyone to love in this new fantasy drama, there is one question that will spark a heated debate in the fandom: Are you Team Mal or Team Darkling?

So when ET caught up with the three actors in the on-screen love triangle, Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes and Archie Renaux, we were curious to know who the stars are already shipping for Alina Starkov.


"Oh, 100 percent -- I'm going to to say it: It's got to be Mal," Mei Li confessed to the camera during our virtual interview. "Their relationship is lovely and they're equals. They look out for each other."

Suddenly Barnes, who plays General Kirigan in the series (aka The Darkling and not Mal) playfully stormed out of the room following her response.

"Has he gone?" Mei Li asked with a laugh once she noticed her co-star was MIA from the frame.

"Kirigan, The Darkling, very much appeals to one side of Alina. There's the part of her that wants to be powerful and can feel their connection and stuff," the 25-year-old actress continued. "I'm all about geting someone who treats you right and Mal treats Alina so well and he really, really, really loves her. And yeah, so I just want what's best for my girl. And right now that happens to be Mal."

Thankfully there's no hard feelings between the Shadow and Bone cast because Barnes completely agrees with that choice.

"I'm a hundred percent for Mal as well, incidentally," the former Westworld star revealed with a smirk.


But what about the actor who actually plays Mal? In a fun triangle twist, Renaux admitted that he's intrigued by Alina and Kirigan's on-screen chemistry. "I get it. Why not? She's a young girl, she's exploring different avenues. Why not? Why not? Take a walk on the wild side," he said.

Press play on the video above to watch their full endearing answers for yourself! Plus, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman and Kit Young are revealing the behind-the-scenes details of how they prepared for their roles as the Six of Crows thieves.

Shadow and Bone premieres Friday, April 23 on Netflix. 

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