'Shahs of Sunset' Reunion: MJ Breaks Down and Declares She's 'Done' With Reza (Exclusive)

Mercedes 'MJ' Javid breaks down, declaring the end of her friendship with Reza Farahan on part two of the 'Shahs of Sunset' season 8 reunion special.

In ET's first look at part two of the season 8 reunion, Mercedes 'MJ' Javid tearfully reveals her breaking point with Reza Farahan.

There are friendship breakups and then there are friendship deaths. The latter is seemingly the case for Shahs of Sunset stars Mercedes 'MJ' Javid and Reza Farahan, and it all plays out on part two of the season 8 reunion on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at the explosive episode, MJ virtually confronts Reza over their falling out. In tears, MJ tells Reza how she spent the night before the reunion watching home videos they made before their issues started, saying it was "so amazing," but she quickly unloads on her former BFF for what she says he did wrong. The new mom wells up more, appearing beyond upset about how Reza treated her after the difficult birth of her son, Shams.

"When you hear that your girlfriend f**king lost her, three quarters of her blood supply and her uterus and her fallopian tubes, and it did not occur to you to go to Cedars-Sinai [hospital] for a 10-minute drive?!" she shouts. "That is the problem! I am done! I am done! I am done! There is no more necessary conversation."

In the middle of MJ's breakdown, Reza half-heartedly tells her, "I'm sorry you went through that," before muttering about her "being crazy" and walking away from his camera.

Watch the full exchange here:

Reza chose to "ghost" MJ around the time she gave birth, as he suspected she orchestrated some drama that was a direct attack on his marriage through her friend Ali Ashouri. MJ has repeatedly denied those allegations, though Reza and other cast members, including Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi and Destiney Rose, don’t seem to believe her. When Reza and MJ did eventually come face to face, Reza made comments about MJ's personal medical history in the heat of the moment that she and many viewers thought crossed the line.

It seemed safe to assume that was the moment that made MJ decide she was done with Reza, but apparently ignoring her in her time of need sealed their friendship's fate far earlier.

"We had 30 f**king years and you decided to destroy it and you will never get it back," MJ says in her continued barrage of Reza, who's no longer around to hear her. "It's over and I’m done -- I don't care what you say. Bye! Bye!"

While things now seem broken beyond repair between the two, Reza was still hopeful for a future with MJ when ET spoke to him in March.

"I still love MJ. I will always love MJ,” he said. “I'm praying that in these three years that she and I, in a safe, public location, can have some sort of dialogue where we can turn the page.”

Part two of the Shahs of Sunset season 8 reunion airs Sunday on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.