Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Open Up About Their Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

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Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are very excited about their upcoming performance at the Super Bowl.

To promote the announcement, which Pepsi and the NFL made Thursday morning, the singers sat down for a segment that aired during Fox's coverage of the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers Thursday night, and they opened up about what their performance represents.

"I love that it's in Miami," Lopez shares. "It's a very Latino town and that they picked the two of us."

"I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be, in a way, next to J.Lo, representing the Latino community that is such an important force in the United States," Shakira shared.

"I love that the Super Bowl has two women performing this year. That they have two Latinos performing this year," Lopez added. "It's the marker of a new time, not just for the NFL but for this country. It sends an important message.

Lopez explained that, "At the end of the day, it's about making a statement of love and unity and making everybody come together just for a moment, and hopefully that resonates for a long time."

While the pair admitted that they "haven’t really talked about what exactly [they're] gonna do," each of the performers had nothing but praise for one another.

"She's a champion in everything she does," Shakira said of Lopez. "It's going to be fantastic to be sharing that moment with someone like you."

"She's such a dynamic performer," Lopez marveled about Shakira. "She does her own thing, there's nobody like her, so I know that the two of us together are going to bring that special brand of what we do."

Lopez also took to Twitter on Thursday to celebrate the big announcement, as well as the launch of a flash pop-up store for her new fragrance, Promise, in New York City.

A source told ET on Thursday that, while Lopez and Shakira will both be performing at the halftime show, there will be more acts added.

"The NFL wants to make it a big event that focuses on Miami," the source added. "The Super Bowl halftime show will be a melody of numerous acts, performing together at times."

ET spoke with Lopez about the possibility of performing at the big game earlier this month and she said the opportunity "would be awesome."

"I think, like, when you're a little girl and you're dreaming, you know, you want to be an actress or you want to be a singer. There are certain things you hope to accomplish one day, and that's definitely one of those," Lopez marveled.

"It would be amazing," she added with a smile.

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