Sharna Burgess Says She's Had to Shut Down 'DWTS' Partners Who've Hit on Her

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Sharna Burgess isn't afraid to put a man in his place! 

During a radio interview with her formerDancing With the Stars partner, Bobby Bones, on Tuesday, Burgess revealed that she's had to shut down previous partners who have hit on her. 

"I've torn some of the guys to pieces, especially when they come in with an ego, and they're there for all the wrong reasons and they think they're going to get something from me that they're not," she said. "Yeah, absolutely [they've tried to hook up with me]." 

The pro dancer didn't name names, but she implied that the conflict came from an athlete partner of hers. Burgess' partnership with Bonner Bolton made headlines at the time for their apparent chemistry, but she's been partnered with other athletes over the years as well, including Keyshawn Johnson, Charlie White, Antonio Brown, James Hinchcliffe, Derek Fisher and Josh Norman. Hinchcliffe and Fisher were in relationships on the show, while White is married. 

"It's so bad, and then they get this attitude, because they're so used to getting whatever they want and so here I walk in, and I just tear them all to pieces about everything that I think of them, and why I absolutely wouldn't go there," Burgess explained of how she's dealt with a partner trying to hook up with her. "They have a choice: we can either compete and we can be great, or you can run away with your tail between your legs because you didn't get what you wanted."

"I've lost it at an athlete, one of the athletes, and we ended up being fine, but I had to lose it at one of the athletes that I danced with, to put him in line," she added. 

Burgess said she would never confront her partners on camera, "because I don't want it to be about that" but that she's definitely not afraid to yell. "He just needed to be checked. But I had to let him know that... I told him the most insane things to get through to him about what I thought of him as a human being at that point, and what he was doing to everyone else around him, to make him realize that he wasn't representing himself in any way that was positive," she shared. "It took a couple of weeks, and eventually he came around, but it was really bad."

Now, the redhead says she's single, despite fan speculation that she's romancing Bones. "No, I'm not dating anyone, actually. It's really hard," she said. "Dating is just brutal. It's a rough world out there."

Burgess' DWTS co-star, Jenna Johnson, meanwhile, is happily engaged to Val Chmerkovskiy -- and recently said yes to the dress. Watch below. 


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