Sharna Burgess Takes ET Inside the 'Dancing With the Stars' Wardrobe Department (Exclusive)

ET gets an exclusive look at everything that went into the costume creations for #TeamBeautyAndTheGeek's Halloween Night dance Monday.

Sharna Burgess is taking ET inside the Dancing With the Stars wardrobe department!

Ahead of Monday's Halloween Night, the pro dancer is giving us the full rundown on how her and partner Bobby Bones' costumes were custom-created this week. From her initial vision to the final fitting, learn everything that goes on behind the scenes before show night.

#TeamBeautyAndtheGeek will be dancing the Argentine Tango to "Mr. Sandman" by SYML. Sharna tells ET after listening to the song over and over, she came up with the idea to have Bobby be a "twisted version of the Sandman," in a costume that represents "evil," while she wanted herself to be in a soft, baby pink dress as his victim.


Sharna worked with costume designers Daniela Gschwendtner and Steven Lee to get the looks, a process that began during last Tuesday's creative meeting. She says the team then buys fabric on Wednesdays and continues to create up until one day before showtime.

"So it's really less than a week that we have to get everything done," adds Steven. "Our first fitting is on Friday or Saturday, and last fitting is on Sunday."


Sharna says the process all begins when she receives their song for the week. She says the way she hears music, she sees "colors first and then I feel emotions."

"The steps are the last thing that happen for me," she says. "I see lighting and the staging and the costumes and everything first, because to me, as long as you see that and you set the scene, the movement is almost secondary."

"So, I go on a dive onto Pinterest and look for images that look like things that I want, and sort of piece together [everything]," she continues. "Then I'll contact the creative team and say, 'This is my idea and this is what I want to do. This is what I see the storyline as, this is what I see the costumes to look like.'"


Sharna says that with all the "crazy ideas" she creates in her head, Daniela is the one that "helps me make them come to life." 

"Because the Sandman has to do with sleeping and dreams, I kind of want Bobby to be this really angular villain, I want it to feel like it has a little bit of an aggressive touch," Sharna tells Daniela in footage from ET's wardrobe tour. "He's in all black and I think I'm in either a white, or a pink. And it should look like a nightgown. It should look like I'm in my bedroom and he basically comes in to infiltrate my dreams. But at the end, he kind of kills me."

"So if it's a nightgown, I'm thinking it should definitely be lacy and soft," Sharna says. "Not overly sexy, vampy, but definitely a sexiness and a softness to it."

"And can we match my shoes? Can we make my shoes look like slippers?" Sharna asks, as Daniela presents an idea to add marabou at the top. "Yes, let's do this! We'll cover the shoes in lace, put this as a pom pom on the top of it."


Sharna reveals that the shoes the pros wear are actually recycled week to week, but are often given a makeover by the costume department. "We have to break them in," she tells us. "You don't want a new pair of shoes every week because your feet will be torn apart. So sometimes, we cover them in new fabric or we do new things to them. I usually get a couple weeks out of my shoes and then we get a new pair."

And to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, Sharna says the dancers are taped into their costumes from head to toe. "Sometimes things happen," she admits, "but there's double-sided tape everywhere to keep us in."


ET was there during Sharna and Bobby's final fitting on Sunday, where Sharna called the costumes "perfection!"

"It's everything that we dreamed and we talked about," Sharna gushed to Daniela. "I'm so excited to put it on."

We also witnessed Steven make a last-minute change to Bobby's jacket, to slightly change the shape of it. "So, we're going to take the wire out," Steven explained. "That will take the puffiness out of here."

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. In the meantime, watch the video below for more on Bobby and Sharna!

Additional reporting by Katie Krause.