Shawn Mendes Accidentally Drops Camila Cabello in Behind-the-Scenes Footage of 'Señorita' Video

Take a look at the not-so-sexy moment from rehearsals!

Although Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes deliver smoldering chemistry in the music video for their new collab, “Señorita,” that wasn’t exactly the case during rehearsals.

The crooner released a new behind-the-scenes look at the making of their music video, which features the pair running through the steamy dance moves they pulled off in the finished product. However, fans also get a peek at a slip-up on the part of Mendes.

While in the middle of the routine, Cabello pulls away. Her 20-year-old dancing partner was supposed to keep a solid grip on her hand and pull her back in – but that’s not what happened. Cabello hit the ground and Mendes quickly stooped down to make sure she was alright. Not only was she A-OK, she was cracking up as Mendes pulled her off the ground.

“You can’t just drop Camila Cabello, you can’t do that,” Mendes tells the camera afterward, blushing at the screw-up. “I can’t do that again or it’s over for me.”

The new video also showcases the pair joking around together when they weren't practicing together, as well as some conversations while stretching and prepping for the rehearsals. Fans also get a peek at the whole team celebrating when they are convinced Mendes and Cabello have the dance routine down.

“We have a lot of stuff to shoot today, man,” he admits nervously while in makeup for day one of the shoot, later adding, “I feel nervous to do this dance. The first scene is the dance scene, which is the thing I’m most nervous about, but maybe that’s good?”

This behind-the-scenes look is label “Part 1,” so it’s a safe bet more videos from the shoot will follow.

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