Sherri Shepherd Thinks Meghan McCain Needs to ‘Lighten Up’ on ‘The View’

Meghan McCain and Sherri Shepherd
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Sherri Shepherd has some words of wisdom for Meghan McCain.

The 51-year-old veteran View co-host opened up about Senator John McCain’s 33-year-old daughter during her Sunday appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“She just has to evolve. She has to get used to sitting there at that table,” Shepherd said of McCain being a co-host on ABC's long-running daytime talk show. “I think she has to not take the whole Republican world on her shoulders. It’s too much to take that whole world. It’s like, you are not the Republican voice. It makes you stressed. It makes you tense."

She added, "So, I think just being able to lighten up a little.”

Shepherd also opened up about the new tell-all book about The View that has many of the current and former co-hosts speaking out.

“Everybody is involved. So, it’s not only me. It’s Joy [Behar]. I think everybody except Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] and Jenny McCarthy have contributed to the work,” she dished. “It’s all of our views in one book about what went on. We didn’t have any bars held.”

Hasselbeck left the show in 2013 and McCarthy left in 2014 after just one season. When Cohen asked why they wouldn’t be included in the book, Shepherd replied, “Uh, you know why they didn’t. Jenny, you know, I’m sure she’s said she didn’t have a great time on The View. And Elisabeth, her departure, I don’t think she wanted to… although it would be really fun to have both of their viewpoints because they were real integral.”

Later on in the show, Shepherd was asked by a caller to list her favorite and least favorite guests from her time on The View.

“My favorite guest probably was Idris Elba was the favorite," she said of the the 45-year-old actor. 

"My least favorite, there was an actress, I’m not going to name her name, she was so boujee. You went to shake her hand and she would just kind of look at it,” Shepherd shared, describing the guest as a “big superstar.”

As for why she won't name names, Shepherd quipped, “I’m not gonna say because I might want to do a movie with her.”

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