'Siesta Key' Star Madisson Hausburg Is Pregnant Nearly 2 Years After Stillbirth

Hausburg and her husband, Ish Soto, revealed in 2021 that she delivered their first child stillborn at 37 weeks.

Madisson Hausburg is sharing some special news!

On Monday, the Siesta Key star revealed that she and her husband, Ish Soto, are expecting their second child.

"One in our hearts, one in my belly 🤍Baby number 2 due in 2024 🧸," the 29-year-old wrote on Instagram. Next to to the announcement, was a picture of Soto and Hausburg smiling as he holds up the baby's sonogram while she holds their cat and their late son's ashes in a little urn. 

The news comes 19-months after the couple shared that Hausburg tragically delivered their son, whom they named Elliot Angel Soto, stillborn at 37-weeks.

"12/12/21 💔 Ish and I lost our son, Elliot Angel Soto, and I delivered him stillborn at 37 weeks," she shared next to a picture of a box containing their son's ashes. "Instead of leaving the hospital with our beautiful baby boy, I was wheeled out with just this memory box. It’s true what they say about there being no greater love than a mother’s love. And there is no deeper pain than losing a child. Everyday I wake up to the agonizing reality that I will never again get to hold him or kiss him in this lifetime. I am completely and utterly heartbroken. I love you, I miss you, my perfect little Elliot ❤️👼."

Soto shared the same picture and remembered their son in his own words.

"On 12/12/21 Madisson and I lost our son Elliot Angel Soto. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. The pain of losing a child and the agony of watching my beautiful wife suffer, will haunt me for the rest of my days. I take comfort in knowing that one day we will be united and until then I will carry you in my heart. I love you, baby Eli, my little champion."

In May 2022, Hausburg spoke to ET and shared how she was coping, following the loss of their son.

"This past five months have been such a blur for me," Hausburg shared with ET. "I don't feel like people say, 'It'll get easier.' Because It doesn't. And I've talked to a lot of lost moms and really other lost moms have really saved me."

At the time, the MTV star revealed that she was still hopeful that she and Soto would have a child.

"I do hope to have a living baby, but I know that Elliot will always be a part of my life and he will affect the way I am a mother in the future as well," she said. "We are trying to have another baby. And so I do have hope that I will have that in the future."

She continued, "We got pregnant with Elliot our first try and it hasn't been the same this time around. And obviously, I know my body is so different now. Like, I just gave birth five months ago, so I'm trying to be patient with my body. But there's just so much trauma there and this love/hate relationship I have with my body. And so it's tough. I have to be gentle with myself, but it's not always easy."