'Sister Wives': Christine Brown's Daughter Shares What She Really Thinks of Her New Boyfriend David Woolley

Gwendlyn Brown shared a lot of thoughts during her recent Instagram Live.

Christine Brown may be head-over-heels in love with her new boyfriend, David Woolley, but what do her kids think? The 50-year-old Sister Wives star has introduced her youngest daughter, Truely, to David, but now her 21-year-old daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, is also opening up about her feelings about David.

On Tuesday, the YouTuber did an Instagram Live where she answered questions from fans, many of which had to do with her mom's new man.

"Yeah, I do like my mom's boyfriend. I think he's a lot of fun," Gwendlyn shared of David. "He and Truely get along really well, which is what I was most concerned about."

She shared that she recently went to breakfast with the new couple during their trip through Flagstaff, Arizona.

Gwendlyn, who's shown her unique sense of humor on the family's TLC series and on her YouTube channel, admitted that she teased her mom, saying, "I was like, 'I'm not calling him dad, even if there's a fire.'"

As one of six kids Christine shares with her ex, Kody Brown, Gwendlyn says that all of her siblings "get along" with David.

"We think he's fun," she said. "As a person, we like him."

After Gwendlyn was asked about Christine's former sister wife and pal Janelle Brown's reaction to David, she revealed, "They haven't even met yet, actually."

"They just haven't had the chance to meet David," she revealed, explaining that her mom has been filming for the upcoming season of Sister Wives. "When my mom's in town, the cameras are in town at the same time."

And while Christine split from Kody in 2021, Gwendlyn said that her mom will likely keep her surname.

"I think that's what my mom's going to do is keep the Brown because that's how people know she's famous is from the Brown," Gwendlyn explained.

As for Gwendlyn's upcoming nuptials to Beatriz Queiroz, she shared that her estranged dad, Kody, and his wife, Robyn Brown are "invited," but didn't share if they were planning to attend. She previously claimed that Robyn and her kids opted not to attend Gwendlyn's bridal shower.

She added that no one will be walking her down the aisle on the big day. As for her and Bea's post-wedding plans, they will temporarily be moving to Spain and hope to have kids in the future.

"We do want kids," she confirmed. "I think we're going to have three biological, and then just mix it up from there."