'Sister Wives' Star Gwendlyn Brown Says Growing Up Her Dad Kody 'Favored' His Sons Over His Daughters

Gwendlyn is the daughter of Kody and his ex, Christine Brown.

Gwendlyn Brown is once again calling out her dad, Kody Brown. But this time the 21-year-old daughter of Kody and his ex, Christine Brown, is also making a point about the differential treatment she claims the female members of the Brown family received as kids.

During her weekly recap of past season 17 episodes of Sister Wives, Gwendlyn reflected on how the season has played out in regard to her dad's estranged relationship with many of his 18 children.

"I keep seeing my brothers being like, 'Our dad's not this great person and we have this terrible relationship with him.' It's really weird to see because growing up, I think that the women genuinely did not have it as good as the boys had it, and now the boys are suddenly being treated like the women have been treated," Gwendlyn said.

She went on to specifically point out Kody's strained relationship with his son, Gabriel, whom he shares with his estranged wife, Janelle Brown.

"As a kid, my dad got along better with Gabriel, for example, and that's a really good example, because Gabe's just four days older than me," Gwendlyn said of her half-brother. "And now Gabe and the other boys are seeing what it's like to not be preferred by your father. And it feels like they're just catching up so quickly, and that's why they're completely separated. It's weird to me because I'm used to this and this is new for them. So that's very exciting, in a bad way."

On season 17, Kody's relationships with many of his older children are struggling in the wake of his COVID rules and protocols.

"You can't blame the kids for when the dad messes up, you know? That's a parent situation. That's a parent problem," Gwendlyn said of her dad's attitude toward his kids.

She also, once again, called out Kody for his strict COVID rules when she claimed he is unvaccinated against the disease.

"I definitely agree that they should have just been vaccinated," Gwendlyn said in response to a fan comment. "They're like, 'Oh, my poor children are going to get it and die.' Then vaccinate your kids."