'Sister Wives': Christine Reacts to Kody Accusing Her of Blocking His Reconciliation With Meri (Exclusive)

In ET's exclusive sneak peek clip, Kody Brown's wives and exes are debating an alleged moment.

The back and forth over Kody Brown's claims continues in part 2 of the Sister Wives One-on-One special. In ET's exclusive sneak peek clip, host Sukanya Krishnan speaks with Robyn, Christine, and Meri Brown about Kody's claims that he was previously seeking out a reconciliation with his first wife, Meri, before his now-ex Christine shut him down. 

Robyn is first asked about the alleged moment, saying she "was told" about her husband's desire to rekindle his romance with Meri after years of estrangement and alludes to an exchange she had with Christine at the time. 

"I didn't know this was connected to it, but I guess she was falling apart," Robyn says of Christine. "She was at my house and she was falling apart. I feel so bad, I don't want to talk about her. But I just kind of saw her flipping out, and I didn't know what it was about." 

Robyn tells Sukanya that the believes that had Christine not stood in Kody's way, he would have reconciled with Meri. 

"Yeah, 'cause when Kody says and thinks that kind of stuff, it usually happens," she says, adding, "It sucks, right?"

Christine, however, is furious by her ex's allegations, claiming they are "lies." 


"That's really absolutely frustrating and offensive right now. There's no way I would not support him and Meri having a great relationship if that's what they both wanted. That's absolutely ridiculous," she says. "I think there was something that was twisted in that there was no way I would have ever felt like that. I don't feel like that. And I am so frustrated that he just doesn't know me. That he would twist my words to somehow think that I would say anything like that. And that he would say that and spread that lie is what's frustrating. That's a lie. That's not me and I would never do that."

Meri seems to still be in the dark about the whole situation, saying she's "never heard this out of his mouth" or out of Christine's mouth. 

"It's curious that Christine doesn't remember anything out of it at all. So I literally have no idea," Meri says before Sukanya notes that Robyn says she remembers the moment. 

"That's a little heartbreaking to me," Meri replies. 

In part 1 of the One-on-One special, Kody opened up about the alleged moment where he claims he was debating getting back together with Meri. 

"My other three best friends, I expressed that to them. [I said], 'Meri and I can work it out, maybe,'" he recalled. "I'm going like that with these three women and it just rattles Christine."

The Sister Wives One-on-One special will air part 2 on Jan. 1 and part 3 on Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. 


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