‘Six-Pack Mom’ Sarah Stage Shows Off Post-Baby Body Just 2 Weeks After Giving Birth

Sarah Stage Shows Off Post-Baby Body

The model and fitness guru revealed her baby weight loss by stepping on the scale in her Instagram story.

Instagram star and model Sarah Stage is best known for her super fit pregnancy body, and only two weeks after giving birth, it seems she’s already lost most of the baby weight!

As part of her Instagram story on Thursday, 33-year-old Stage, who gave birth to her second child, Logan Alexander, via C-section, responded to requests from female fans to get on the scale. She included a picture of her weight -- 124.8 lbs -- with the message, “Going to keep on sticking to my nutrition guide."


Stage’s claim to fame is her uncanny ability to seemingly effortlessly maintain her figure, even during pregnancy. While carrying her first baby, she was dubbed the “six-pack mom” after sharing pictures of her chiseled pregnancy abs. Her other son, James, is now two. 

While she is supported by over 2.4 million Instagram followers, Stage has had to respond to a lot of criticism about her pregnancy body. Some online have accused her of photoshopping her now-famous flat belly pics, while others say her workout routine and nutrition plan put her baby in danger. 

"Of course, comments about endangering my baby can be hurtful, but I also understand that social media has always been full of internet trolls, so it's nothing new," she told ET in August. "As for working out while pregnant, every expecting mother should definitely check with their doctor before doing any workout because everyone has their own limit. My doctor says it's perfectly fine for me to continue to exercise while pregnant and encourages it!"

Both of her baby boys were born at a normal weight and appear to be thriving. The family recently stepped out dressed up as Star Wars characters for Halloween, including little baby Logan as Yoda!