Snoop Dogg Casts the Perfect Beyonce for Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Crime Story’ (Exclusive)

Snoop Dogg in 2018
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Snoop Dogg has some casting ideas for Ryan Murphy’s new faux American Crime Story installment!

After the famed TV director jokingly teased American Crime Story: Who Bit Beyonce?, the search is on for who would play Queen Bey. Snoop offered up one very tempting option to ET’s Nischelle Turner at the LL Cool J Sirius XM Radio Station Launch on Wednesday.

“Kerry Washington,” the 46-year-old rapper immediately responded when asked. “She’s qualified.”

The Internet has been abuzz with theories ever since comedian Tiffany Haddish alleged that she saw an actress bite Beyonce on the face at a party -- but Snoop claimed he hadn't heard about the tale until ET told him.

Beyonce and Kerry Washington
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“Wow, I didn’t hear that,” he admitted. “She’s gotta get better security.”

Snoop also opened up about a very important woman in his life, his 18-year-old daughter, Cori Broadus. The teen recently shared photos of her new shaved hairstyle.

“I know she’s made up of some of the same things that I’m made up of, so I’m happy to see her become a full-grown woman and becoming who she is, so I support her and I love everything about her,” Snoop said in praise of his daughter. “I love you, baby girl.”

He also noted that Cori did not consult him first before making the drastic change.

“She just did it,” he added. “Like, one thing about my kids, they’re individuals and they stand on their own and whatever they do I support them, and she did that all I could say was, ‘Wakanda forever.’”

The Wakanda-esque look wasn’t lost on Cori, who posted a pic to Instagram, writing: “They should’ve casted me for Black Panther.”

For more from Beyonce Bite Gate, watch the clip below!


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