Stacey Abrams Reflects on Historic Democratic Victory and Helping Turn Georgia Blue for Joe Biden

Stephen Colbert and Stacey Abrams
'Late Show'

The political figure spoke with Stephen Colbert on Monday's 'Late Show.'

Stacey Abrams is reflecting on Joe Biden's momentous election victory, and why it's a huge win for Democrats. Abrams joined Stephen Colbert on Monday's Late Show, and opened up on her successful efforts to turn the state of Georgia blue this election.

Abrams -- who came very close to becoming the Peach State's governor back in 2018, and subsequently lead a massive voter registration and turnout campaign this year -- said she first had an idea that Biden would win Georgia the morning after Election Day.

"It was actually Wednesday. We had a pretty good sense because we have an amazing data team.. .we had the numbers we thought were coming from the remaining counties," Abrams recalled, jokingly adding that it was "the first time I've woken up in a November without curling into the fetal position first."

Georgia was one of a handful of states that were initially leaning toward President Donald Trump, before mail-in votes and uncounted counties eventually gave Biden the vote majority and therefore the state's 16 electoral college votes.

Colbert also asked Abrams about a number of "think pieces" written by political pundits and commentators who raised the question of whether or not the Democrats really won, considering how many pollsters predicted a landslide for Biden.

"Yeah, we really won," Abrams said.

"There is an orange menace of putrescence that will no longer be able to occupy the White House," she continued, using a euphemism for Trump that Colbert seemed to really enjoy. "There is an incoming president who had moral leadership and character and who actually believes in science and facts."

"And did I mention Trump is leaving? That's a big win," she added. "We can get the rest of it done."

Abrams also addressed the historic nature of Kamala Harris' victory as the Vice President-elect, and what it means for people across the country.

"There's a saying that you cannot be what you cannot see. It's not quite a truism, because if it were we wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. But it is a warning," Abrams said. "[Harris] is a direct repudiation of this notion that women of color, and people of color, are limited in the scope of our ambitions and accomplishments."

"We're proud of her and what she signals is to come for America," Abrams added.

As for whether she's celebrating the victory, Abrams joked, "I had about 17 minutes on Saturday afternoon. I'm good. Now I get back to work. We've gotta win two Senate races." 

Abrams is still organizing as Georgia's Senate race -- a race that could determine the Senate majority in the country -- continues into January. 

Registered Georgia absentee voters can still request their ballot for the Federal Runoff Election on Jan. 5, 2021. 

For more on the historic election victory, see the video below.