'Suits' Return Hints at How Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams May Exit

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How did Harvey react to Donna's kiss? How do they address Jessica's severed ties to the law firm? ET breaks down the three major storylines from Wednesday's spring return.

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Wednesday's spring premiere of Suits.

Suits is setting up Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams' eventual exits.

On Wednesday's season seven spring return, titled "Hard Truths," hints to how the USA Network legal drama will address Markle and Adams' impending departures as lawyer Rachel Zane and junior partner Mike Ross, respectively, became more and more evident in the closing minutes of the episode. Markle's decision to leave the series was made official in November following her real-life engagement to Prince Harry, while Adams announced his exit in January.

Mike and Rachel spend much of the episode innocently flirting, joking about their upcoming nuptials and teaming up for a complicated new case, proving that the engaged couple operates better together rather than apart. They make that same observation in the kitchen of their home, after successfully striking a million-dollar monster deal for their client. Mike broaches the idea that because they're quite the unbeatable team, they should co-lead law cases together.

"What if I told you that I had a gut feeling that you and I should do this more often?" Mike sweetly proposes to Rachel.

"Make out in the kitchen? Yes! All over that," she jokes.

"I'm serious. Let's do more cases together. We hardly get to see each other anymore," Mike says, introducing a possible idea for the show to bid the couple off by season's end, adding later that he simply misses his fiancee. 

"If this is about making time together, then why don't we make time for what's really important? The wedding," Rachel says. "It's going to be here before we know it and we haven't done anything we need to. So let's stop putting it off."

Could Mike and Rachel's desires to team up professionally be one way for Suits to write the characters off without, gulp, killing them off? It certainly wouldn't be out of character or unrealistic in the realm of Suits to imagine the twosome reaching a point in this new chapter in their lives where they'd want to keep the momentum of their professional careers going. With five more episodes to go until Markle and Adams say goodbye for good, we'll get those answers soon enough!

But Mike and Rachel's future wasn't the only key storyline from the spring return. Here are two other major threads from Wednesday's episode that are worth tracking:

The Harvey and Donna Saga Continues

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The fall finale left fans of the Darvey relationship wanting more when Donna made a huge move and kissed Harvey (so she could know once and for all if there were still lingering romantic feelings). The return episode revealed Harvey's reaction to the steamy smooch and let's just say, he isn't very happy about it -- partly because he's in a committed romance with his therapist, Paula. After some awkward exchanges, Harvey and Donna finally address the elephant in the room and remind each other that they once slept together in the recent past. 

"I have put you over me for years," Donna fires back, after Harvey angrily calls her "selfish" for doing what she did to him. "I don't care what you've done for years. You knew I was seeing someone and you did that to me anyway," Harvey responds. But Donna doesn't back down. "I needed to know," she says, staying firm. "Know what? Our lines had been perfectly clear for a long time," Harvey replies, a bit delusional if that's what he actually believes.

"Our lines are as blurry as lines can get," Donna says, laying down the law like a boss. "I'm the person you call at six in the morning or at midnight when you need someone. We smile, we drink, we flirt." "That doesn't mean I want more," Harvey cuts her off, prompting her to tell him the same, that she doesn't want more than friendship either. "I didn't feel anything when I kissed you. Whatever I thought might be there, wasn't, so you can relax if that's what you're worried about." (We're calling B.S. on that one.) But Donna realizes that maybe, just maybe, Harvey felt a tinge of something during that kiss and there's a clear reason why Harvey has kept his romantic trysts with Donna secret from Paula. Yikes. Credit where credit's due: Harvey does eventually spill everything to Paula, who tells Harvey to his face that he and Donna have "feelings for each other" and that he needs to grow up. Duh!

If there's one thing we know for sure, this love triangle isn't going away anytime soon and we're all for it.

How Jessica Pearson Moves From Law to Politics 

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With Gina Torres getting her own Suits spinoff series, the destination was always clear-cut: Jessica Pearson would lose her law license and she would make the transition to the political sphere in Chicago. But how? This episode didn't get into specifics as to how Jessica finds herself a new centerpiece in politics, but it definitely established that her law career would be a thing of the past. In order to keep the firm's reputation up to par, a plan is put into action to publicly desecrate Jessica's good name in order to give her back her money, so they aren't forced to rehire an old nemesis back into the firm as a name partner.

As a result, Jessica's name is taken off the firm (RIP Pearson Specter Litt, hello Specter Litt) and her respected reputation as an attorney will forever be marred in scandal, one she shouldn't have been the martyr for in the first place. "So you want me to say about her what we should be saying about me?" Harvey asks Louis, referencing his secret agreement with Mike early in the first season to hire him as a lawyer without a law degree. There will be more to Jessica's transition to politics in the back half of the season, as the offshoot's introduction will air as a planted episode on Suits.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.