'Superstore' Sneak Peek: Will Chrissy Metz Out Amy and Jonah as the Anti-Cloud 9 Tweeters? (Exclusive)

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The Cloud 9 crew are about to learn a valuable lesson: Don't mess with Chrissy Metz!

With just four episodes remaining, Superstore doubles up with back-to-back installments in the final two weeks of the season. The This Is Us star drops by this Thursday in the second episode, titled "#Cloud9Fail," as HR representative Luanne, who's been called in to deal with an emergency of the Twitter variety. 

A flurry of anonymous public tweets featuring "defamatory" photos of Cloud 9 comes to the attention of corporate, prompting Luanne to call an all-staff meeting in the break room to begin an investigation into who the guilty party is. Little does she know, the guilty party... or rather parties, in this case, are Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman), who are frustrated with the reduction in hours for employees.  

"So who was it? If you just stand up and come clean about what you did. I promise, nothing will happen to you," Dina (Lauren Ash) warns the staff in ET's exclusive clip.

"Well, we will have to fire them," Luanne whispers to Dina, who advises the trained human resources executive to "follow [her] lead" next time when it comes to staff-wide issues like this. 

But the Cloud 9 gang have a hard time believing that the culprits behind the anonymous Twitter accounts are actual employees, but the laundry list of evidence Luanne presents is pretty indisputable that it is. During this pseudo interrogation, Amy and Jonah grow hilariously more uncomfortable by the second as the HR meeting gets more heated and their fellow coworkers poke fun at all the novice mistakes they made trying to be covert in their anonymous Twitter attacks.

"Alright, well, I don't know how productive it is to dwell on how stupid this person may or may not be. I think the point is, whoever did it, knock it off. You have been warned," Amy says, desperate to move past the Twitter scandal.

But Luanne has other plans -- and it may be good news for Amy and Jonah. Watch ET's exclusive clip above to see what happens next.

Superstore airs back-to-back episodes for the remainder of the season, starting Thursday, May 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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