'Survivor' Couple Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Thomas Spill Wedding Details (Exclusive)

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Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Thomas are our newest Survivorpower couple. 

The pair -- who met on Survivor: Worlds Apart in 2014 -- got engaged last month, and are clearly still feeling that engagement bliss. ET spoke with the pair at Wednesday night's Survivor: Edge of Extinction finale, where Anglim didn't win the season's $1 million prize, but couldn't have been happier to share his and Thomas' love story.

"We were best friends for three years. He always reminds me that I voted him out our first season, so I clearly didn't know [he was the one] when we were playing Survivor, but I would say two years ago, probably, [is when it changed]," Thomas told ET. 

"I think, like all good things that take time, it took us a little bit of time to realize how much we really did care about each other as friends," Anglim added. "I think we grew into something a little bit more, but we never crossed that bridge, so I think it was probably two or three years after our first season... I think we just kind of changed."

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Anglim was living in Scottsdale, Arizona, while Thomas was in Roy, Utah, at the time. "We got to the place of like, 'Hey, I miss you,' and 'I miss you too.' And I go, 'Alright well, we gotta talk about that, because that's kind of a thing now, we gotta figure out,'" he recalled. "But it was very real and natural. A year ago for sure, I knew. We've been dating for a year and a half, hard. It's been great."

The couple are planning to tie the knot in a "Bohemian" wedding in the fall. "She doesn't want to wait a year, and I'm good with that," Anglim said. "So, let's get it done! Let's make it happen." 

Besides a few Survivor alums on the guest list -- and host Jeff Probst -- Anglim and Thomas aren't exactly looking to pay tribute to their shared Survivor history during their wedding. 

"No, we're good," Anglim said with a laugh. We're going to have food. Lots of food." 

"No rice!" Thomas joked. 

"Lots of food. We might have a quesadilla bar. We got that far," Anglim added. 

As fans saw on Wednesday, the three-time Survivor player wasn't able to make it back into the game from Extinction Island -- but he did come away from the finale with $15,000 after Sia challenged him to cut his iconic long locks. He went for the chop backstage and emerged on the red carpet holding his ponytail. 

Thomas admitted that she liked it, but that there's also a lot she likes about fans' Survivor bae. 

"I tell him every day, and I thank the Lord every day, because he literally is the most amazing man that I've ever met," she raved. "His heart is just incredible. I don't know how he deals with me and is so patient and kind. I'm so lucky."

"I couldn't say anything else but great things about her, too," Anglim added. "Her heart... we complement each other in a lot of good ways, and she's the the yang, I'm the yin, so it's very -- it's a very good balance, so we're a great team. There's no one else I want on my team."

The couple joked about possibly returning to Survivor once again for a season of Blood vs. Water -- "She's not allowed to play without me," Anglim teased -- but are also considering competing on The Amazing Race. 

"Options are endless!" Thomas shared. 

Survivor will return this fall on CBS. 


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