'Survivor: Winners at War': Natalie Gears Up to Get Back in the Game After a Month on Extinction 

Survivor Natalie

The end is near on Survivor: Winners at War

The best of the best came together to compete for the title of Sole Survivor and a $2 million prize on the CBS reality show -- and now, just five (plus one yet-to-be-named castaway) are left standing. Wednesday's two-hour penultimate episode saw two more contestants sent to the Edge of Extinction: Jeremy and Nick -- though they'll have a chance to get back in the game on next week's season finale. 

The first half of the episode saw things look up for Nick, as he won individual immunity. After Jeremy's elimination, he seemingly continued to strike gold, as he bought an advantage for the next immunity challenge, and his ally, Michele, came out on top. With Tony setting his sights on voting out Denise (he learned from his Spy Nest stakeouts that she was throwing his name around), it seemed as if Nick and Michele were gaining power. However, the votes were read, and Nick was sent to the Edge. 

Survivor S40 Ep13

"I was starting to see my path towards the end, but it was all just a bunch of lies and deceit," Nick admitted after being voted out. "To make it to the final six, I'm really proud of myself. I have a shot tomorrow, so I'll see what I can do. I'll fight 'til the end." 

At Extinction, the group geared up for their final chance to join Ben, Denise, Tony, Sarah and Michele in the final six. As they counted their fire tokens, it became clear who had a real shot to get back in (Natalie) and who didn't (Ethan). 

Survivor S40 Ep13

As the first person voted out this season, Natalie had spent a month on Extinction -- and made it worth it. She accumulated fire tokens and used them to buy three advantages in the next challenge. She also had an idol, and fire tokens to share, so she bought another idol for Tyson. 

"I feel like I've been climbing slowly and quietly for so long," Natalie told the camera. "This is 32 days of being in Extinction, keeping my head in the game... and fighting for everything I have." 

Tyson got emotional over Natalie's generosity. "When you feel someone is rooting for you, it gives you motivation," he explained. "If I get back into the game, I'm winning this thing." 

By all signs -- it might just be Natalie who wins this thing. We'll find out next week on the season finale of Survivor: Winners at War, airing Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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