T-Pain Just Realized He's Been Ignoring Celebrities' Instagram Messages for 2 Years

The rapper posted a video showing all the DMs he'd unintentionally ignored over the years.

Most people are guilty of ignoring a few texts and messages from their friends now and then, but T-Pain may have taken that to a whole new level. 

The rapper posted a video on his Instagram page revealing that he's been ignoring a plethora of DMs from verified accounts for years. Apparently, he didn't realize he was even getting them! Swearing that he was telling the truth, T-Pain wrote, "I'm just now seeing all these messages and mentions TODAY!!!! How do I super apologize? Press conference? Town hall meeting? I'm dumb."

The video shows T-Pain scrolling through his countless messages, elaborating that he was "today years old" when he learned that Instagram has a separate space for message requests. Celebrities have been attempting to reach out to the rapper for years and he's only just discovered them!

"I thought DMs are supposed to just show in the normal folder and you don't have to go digging for these," he wrote in an audible caption. "I apologize to everybody on this list and the hundreds of others I couldn't fit in this video. These are just the ones I haven't checked or replied to."

In addition to Fergie, whom T-Pain mentions in the video, the star-studded list of unanswered DMs includes big names such as Viola Davis, Diplo, YBN Nahmir, and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Luckily, other celebrities and friends of the rapper seem to relate to his mishap. Stars like Kandi Burruss, CHIKA, Lauren Jauregui and Ashanti ribbed him good-naturedly, while others confessed they've been through the same thing. "Omg I literally just did the same exact thing like two days ago," Ashanti wrote.

We're sure all those folks will forgive him for the mistake! But it may take him buying them a few drinks first.