Tamar Braxton Talks 'Starting My Career All Over Again' Without Estranged Husband Vince Herbert (Exclusive)

The singer also explained why despite music being 'just who I am,' she's unlikely to put out further albums.

Tamar Braxton is in good spirits as she talks about restarting her career following her split with music producer, Vince Herbert.

The 42-year-old singer stopped by ET Live on Monday, sharing an update on her career and why there isn’t a new album involved.

“It’s not like I am starting my career all over again, but I am starting my career all over again,” she said. “It’s different because I had Vince who was always in my corner -- literally in my corner -- and always there to make sure everything goes right … and wrong. But now it’s just me and I have to deal with those things when they come.”

Braxton was married to Herbert, a music executive, songwriter and producer who helped launch the career of Lady Gaga, from 2008 to 2017. The two, who share a son, are currently going through divorce proceedings. They starred in a reality series, Tamar & Vince, for almost five years of their marriage.

Braxton has meanwhile appeared alongside her sisters in the We TV series, Braxton Family Values, which launches its sixth season on Thursday.

As she continues to move on with life, Braxton has also found new love, although she has been tight-lipped about her new man.

"I was just really protective of who he was because he’s definitely not in the business, doesn’t want to be in the business and doesn’t care about the business,” she explained. “So I was just protecting who he was. I think I put so much on him, but it was really me who was protective of who he was because of his job and I know his clients mean everything to him. I just wanted to keep that to myself until I knew it was real.”

As for the status of her new music, Braxton explained why her singing aspirations no longer include a full-length album.

Her last record, Bluebird of Happiness, was released on 2017 and at the time she described it as her “best and last album,” a statement she still agrees with.

“I do,” she said. “I think making an LP like that is just not conducive to the music industry at all because things have changed. There’s streaming involved and people want to hear a song or two then move onto the next artist and put it on the playlist.”

“I think it’s important for me to still do music because that’s just who I am,” continued the Celebrity Big Brother winner and former Dancing With the Stars contestant. “Even if I tried it, I couldn’t get away from it. But I think from an album standpoint, it takes too long first of all, and it’s long and drawn out. I’d rather give you the records I want to give you -- the five or six best records -- and move on.”

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