Tamar Braxton Says She Wants to 'Be the Cardi B of TV' After Winning 'Celebrity Big Brother' (Exclusive)

The singer and reality star said being in the house for 30 days 'definitely inspired' her to start working on new music.

After 30 days of conspiring, friendship-building, scheming and bizarre Head of Household competitions, Tamar Braxton emerged from the Celebrity Big Brother house as this season's champion, and the reality star says it's "a big dream come true."

Braxton stopped to talk with ET's Brice Sander after being named the winner of the second season of Celebrity Big Brother -- where she beat out Ricky Williams by a unanimous vote -- and Braxton said she was overjoyed by the outpouring of support from her fellow houseguests.

"It's a blessing on top of a blessing, and it means that my friendships in the house are really real," she exclaimed. "I'm grateful for that too."

Now that she's out of the house, the singer says she feels more motivated than ever to start getting back to her musical roots and recording new songs.

"This is the longest that I've gone without singing!" Braxton shared. "It's been like 30 days! And with Joey [Lawrence] being in the house -- and he's a whole boy band by himself -- it's definitely inspired me to keep writing and keep moving forward with my music career."

Braxton -- whose last studio album, Bluebird of Happiness, came out in September 2017 --  said she doesn't know whether or not she'll be recording a full album anytime soon, because "the music industry has changed a whole lot," but added that fans should "definitely [expect] some new music, for sure."

As for her other career as a reality star, alongside her sisters, on the WeTV series Braxton Family Values, she said she's excited to return to the show after finally getting out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, and she hinted at some big plans for the future.

"There's a couple things going on with Tamar," she said, referring to herself in the third person, with a laugh. "My hope is to be the Cardi B of TV!"

While she didn't elaborate on what exactly that would entail, it's a pretty decent goal to aspire to professionally, considering Cardi's recent record-setting album sales and groundbreaking win at this year's GRAMMY Awards, just to name a few recent accomplishments.

Another thing she's excited about, now that she's done with her time on CBB and emerged victorious, is getting to see her boyfriend for the first time in a month.

When asked if she and her mystery man are still dating, Braxton joked, "I hope so! It's been 30 days."

"He's not in the business, so he's probably tired of my shenanigans by now," she added. "But I feel like we have something really, really special. He's a great guy and my son really likes him a whole lot."

Braxton's also got to reunite with her 5-year-old son, Logan, as she was crowned the champ -- a title that comes with a hefty $250,000 prize -- and the TV personality said during the finale, ""Thank you guys for being my life-long friends. Thank you guys. I am so grateful and now I get to buy my baby a house!"

For more on Braxton's Celebrity Big Brother journey, check out the video below.