Taryn Manning Receives Message From Father After His Suicide on ‘Hollywood Medium’ (Exclusive)

Taryn Manning on 'Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.'

Taryn Manning is getting some closure, thanks to “Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry.

In ET’s exclusive first look at this week’s episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the Orange Is the New Black star sits down with Tyler hoping for answers about her father, Bill’s, death. Bill died from a suicide when Taryn was 14.

“When I’m connecting to this energy, and I’m looking toward the end of life, there’s a feeling of not fully knowing the impact that my actions are going to have,” Tyler tells Taryn. “Just, so not being in my right state of mind, that I don't even know whether I’m, like, alive or dead. It was just a feeling of, I’m so not in a good headspace that, when I pass, there’s this feeling of, ‘Oh my god, did I just do this? Did this just happen to me?’ It would be that severe of a state in the way that this comes through.”

Validating the message for Taryn is Tyler noting a previous attempt at suicide, which Taryn confirms.

“It’s pretty awful,” she lets out, as she tears up. “Yeah, it’s f**ked … but I always feel like, if he were around, everything would be so different.”

Check out the emotional moment here:

“There’s a feeling of almost, if someone was feuding with someone when they died, it’s this feeling of like, ‘I didn’t get the chance to clear the air,’” Tyler says as the reading continues. “That’s the way this kind of feels. And they’re basically bringing up this situation where, he would’ve made an attempt to reach out, to try to connect to one of his children, to try and speak to one of his children. There’s this feeling of like, ‘It’s not reciprocated.’”

“Yeah,” Taryn laments. “At the time he passed, we weren’t talking. I wasn’t happy, ‘cause the last time I saw him -- my dad lived in Arizona. I didn’t want to spend the summer away from my friends. I was, like, 13, you know? I was having a tough time there, so he sent me home early, ‘cause he didn’t know how to deal with me. Then the next summer, someone claims that they called him and he said, ‘Well, do you want me to fly Taryn to Arizona?’ ‘cause we were in California, and he said, no. He didn’t want to see me, and not that long after he passed.”

Tune into Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on E! to see the rest of the reading. In the meantime, check out the links and video below to learn more about Tyler and the messages he receives from those who have crossed over.


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