Taylor Swift Pens Poem About 'Revenge' and 'Fair Weather Friends' -- See What She Said

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In one of two poems published in the magazines accompanying her new album, the '...Ready for It?' singer argues that the "death of her reputation" helped her feel 'truly alive.'

Taylor Swift's most candid work to date extends off the speakers and onto the page.

The Reputation singer penned two poems, published in the two accompanying magazines available for purchase with physical copies of her album on Friday, that more deeply explore some of the themes of the record -- from deteriorating trust in love life and friendships, to isolation, as well as the self-perceived "death" of her own reputation.

"When she crashed, her clothes disintegrated and blew away/ with the winds that took all of her fair-weather friends," the 27-year-old artist writes on "Why She Disappeared." "When she looked around, her skin was spattered with ink/ forming the words of a thousand voices/ Echoes she heard even in her sleep: 'Whatever you say, it is not right.'/ 'Whatever you do, it is not enough.'/ 'Your kindness is fake.'/ 'Your pain is manipulative.'"

And in the death of her reputation," Taylor concludes, "She felt truly alive."

Read the entire poem below.


Taylor Swift/ Big Machine Records

The other poem, "If You're Anything Like Me," uses that titular refrain to expand on her insecurities, fears and regrets, hoping to inspire fans who feel the same way to pull through.

"If you're anything like me, I'm sorry," the poem resolves. "But darling, it's going to be okay."

This one is also better taken unabridged, so check it out below:

Taylor Swift/ Big Machine Records

While Swift has always had a penchant for crafting narratives of her experiences, the increased focus on raw honesty and vulnerability is where her new album shines brightest, and is likely why, on the day of its release, is already enjoying critical praise that resonates even beyond the "Swiftie circles" who remain loyal to the star. For a full exploration of Reputation, read ET's review here.

Meanwhile, before Reputation was released, lucky fans were fortunate enough to hear the record at secret listening parties.

Watch the video below for what it was like to be in attendance at one of those events.