Taylor Swift Shuts Down Interview Question About 'Settling Down and Having Kids'

Taylor Swift
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for dcp

The singer, instead, reflected on what she's learned in her 20s.

Taylor Swift is not here for sexist interview questions.

The "ME!" songstress has been has slowly been teasing her new album and projects in the works,  even reflecting on her past relationships and the Reputation era. One topic she is not touching on, however, is talks about settling down and having kids.

During a recent interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Swift was asked if turning 30 is a "turning point" in her life and if she's ready for her next step in her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

"I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30. So I'm not going to answer that question now," Swift candidly replied, according to fan sites who translated quotes.

While she may have passed on the question, she did reflect on the big age milestone that is coming up for her.

"I hear others say that one in his thirties no longer has as much stress and anxiety in life as in my twenties," she noted. "And I can join in the observation that we are in our twenties looking to gain experience, try things out, fail, make mistakes."

Earlier this year, Swift wrote an op-ed for Elle magazine, where she reflected on what she's learned in her 29 years.

"According to my birth certificate, I turn 30 this year," Swift began her introspective post. "It’s weird because part of me still feels 18 and part of me feels 283, but the actual, factual age I currently am is 29."

Additionally in her post, she also seemingly called out Kim Kardashian and touched on how she deals with bullies.

"In my experience, I’ve come to see that bullies want to be feared and taken seriously," she wrote. "A few years ago, someone started an online hate campaign by calling me a snake on the internet."

"The fact that so many people jumped on board with it led me to feeling lower than I’ve ever felt in my life, but I can’t tell you how hard I had to keep from laughing every time my 63-foot inflatable cobra named Karyn appeared onstage in front of 60,000 screaming fans," she continues. "It’s the Stadium Tour equivalent of responding to a troll’s hateful Instagram comment with 'lol.'" 

Hear more in the video below.