Taylor Swift's Rumored Boyfriend Matty Healy Kisses a Man on the Lips at The 1975's Concert in Denmark

Healy held a mic and bottle of champagne before planting a wet one.

Matty Healy's done it again. He kissed a man while performing with The 1975.

It all went down Friday night at the 2023 NorthSide Festival in Eskelunden, Denmark (their version of Coachella) and, while performing "Robbers," the 34-year-old singer spotted a male security guard and planted a wet one.

The male security, wearing a reflective vest and standing in front of the stage, appeared to motion for a kiss on the cheek when Healy -- holding a mic and bottle of champagne -- got down on his knees did one better by pulling him in and giving him a kiss on the lips.

The crowd went wild at the gesture, though it's usually what he does when performing "Robbers." Healy's been known to kiss fans -- male or female -- while performing the 2013 track off their self-titled album. He kissed a male fan onstage back in November 2022, and did so again the following month at several of the band's shows.

An eyewitness at the concert tells ET that Taylor Swift's rumored boyfriend also opened the show with an eyepatch over his right eye. He told the crowd that he woke up with an itchy eye and scratched it with a guitar pick, causing it to swell up. But not long into the concert, he took off the eye patch because, according to the eyewitness, he didn't want to look like a pretentious pirate.

Courtesy to ET

During the concert, Healy also seemingly explained a bit the vulgar side to him. Fans will recall that the self-proclaimed prankster came under fire in February while appearing on The Adam Friedland Show podcast, whose hosts made derogatory jokes at the expense of rapper and Swift collaborator Ice Spice.

While Healy didn't partake in making crude comments, the singer laughed along with the hosts. He later shrugged off the backlash in a New Yorker profile, telling the magazine that the criticism he received was essentially virtue signaling. On Friday, just before performing "Love It If We Made It," Healy, once described as a "post-woke rock star," shared this: 

"I will say this before i play this song, that I do feel that my heroes ... like George Carlin or Lenny Bruce or Bill Hicks or people who really move culture forward, they were kind of staples of the left," he told the crowd. "And one of the weapons that they used to expose hypocrisy was vulgarity and apologize at times at being too vulgar. I do feel that if the left loses its ability to f**k s**t up then we leave too much space for the right."

Earlier this week, Healy seemingly addressed the elephant in the room when The 1975 performed at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend festival in Dundee, Scotland. As Healy kicked off his performance with The 1975, the musician wryly referenced the numerous burning questions fans may currently have for him. 

"Is it all a bit? Is it sincere? Will he ever address it?" he said to the crowd, adding, "All of these questions and more will be ignored in the next hour. Ladies and gentleman, this is The 1975."