'Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Responds to Mom's Claims She Took Son Off Medication Ahead of Runaway Incident

Jenelle's 14-year-old son, Jace, was reported missing, and then found on Wednesday.

Jenelle Evans is once again no longer on good terms with her mother, Barbara Evans. 

On Thursday, Jenelle took to Instagram to confirm the status of her relationship with her mother, after Barbara's claims about the reason Jace ran away on Wednesday

"Cut my own mother off again, and she has to keep going with all the articles," the message shared on Jenelle's Instagram Story via her Facebook read. "Doesn't call to check up, doesn't ask me how he is, but talks to TMZ to give updates she knows nothing about."

Jenelle Evans/Instagram

She added, "Please don't believe anything my mother is saying to the media at this time. The truth will prevail and I'll soon tell you when the time is right." 

According to TMZ, Barbara claimed that Jace was acting out as a result of being taken off of ADHD medication and no longer meeting with a behavior specialist -- things that allegedly stopped when Jenelle regained full custody of him in March. 

Jenelle disputed the claims, telling the outlet, "Barbara has not been in contact with Jace since Monday. I have cut off contact with her as of three weeks ago. Barbara doesn't have any idea what is going on inside my home. Jace had a therapist appointment today on Zoom at 10:30 a.m. … she hasn't even attempted to speak to Jace directly."

On Wednesday, TMZ was first to report the news of Jace's runaway statusAuthorities initially said they were looking for Jace after he was last seen leaving school around 2:45 p.m. wearing a gray sweatshirt with the writing "Classical Charter Schools of America."

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Department in North Carolina posted a message on its Facebook page that Jace had been located and found safe.

In a statement to ET, Jenelle confirmed the news and shared that her oldest son ran away after his phone was taken away.

"As a boy mom, kids can act up and rebel as I'm sure the majority of us all once did as kids too," the statement via her manager, August Keen, read. "Jace got in trouble at school, we decided to take his phone away, and that's when he decided to run off."

The statement continued, "Jace is a good kid and we're not dealing with anything that most families don't deal with while raising children. This has absolutely nothing to do with my situation with David [Eason]. We do not argue in front of our children or fight in front of our kids. This is a teenage boy being a teenager who’s mad that we decided to take his phone away."

In addition to Jace, Jenelle is mother to  9-year-old Kaiser, whom she shares with her ex, Nathan Griffin, and 6-year-old Ensley, whom she shares with husband David Eason. 

Jenelle and Jace -- whose story was featured on Teen Mom 2 -- recently had a reason to celebrate as he marked his 14th birthday.

"14 YEARS OLD EVERYONE! 🎂✨ #HappyBirthday to Jace! You’re growing into a such polite young man. I’m happy as long as you’re happy! ❤️💯 @jace_vahn," she captioned the post that included a picture of her and Jace smiling and standing side-by-side.