‘Teen Mom OG’ Amber Portwood Says She Has to 'Quit’ the Show After Miscarriage Episode

Amber Portwood
Teen Mom OG

Monday’s episode dealt with Amber learning that her ex, Gary Shirley, and his wife, Kristina, had suffered a miscarriage.

Amber Portwood is tired of being a Teen Mom.

The 28-year-old Teen Mom OG star has been on the show though a series of ups and downs, including battling addiction, domestic abuse, and even going to jail. But after Monday’s episode aired, the mother of two took to Twitter to declare that she was fed up with filming the show. 

“I can’t do this anymore,” she wrote. “I have to quit this show.” 

Responding to one fan, Amber wrote, “The heartache this show has put me through is too much to bear anymore. If I will not be shown then there’s nothing more to do. My name will not get smeared anymore. I hope everyone is resting easy with the money they’ve made off of heartache and pain that I’ve endured.” 

Monday’s episode focused more on Amber’s ex Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina, who opened up about suffering a miscarriage after hearing the baby’s heartbeat. Kristina shared the news with Amber, who revealed that she too had a miscarriage while with her former fiance, Matt Baier. She was saddened to learn that Kristina had heard a heartbeat before learning there was nothing that could be done. 

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. That’s… I know how that feels,” Amber told Kristina on the show. "I didn’t hear the heartbeat or anything. I didn’t even go to the hospital, but that’s really sad. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

Later Amber tweeted, “All I wanted was for @krisssyK01 is her to not feel alone when she bravely said it on camera that really gave me strength to speak to her and let her know I understand and I am here for her. She was heart broken. I could see it in her eyes.” 

After several negative commenters responded to Amber’s words, the reality star wrote, “You guys are the reason people commit suicide. Words hurt and I’m such a sweet person and those parts are never really shown. I’ve only wanted to help children and teenagers not go through what I did, including my daughter.” 

Amber later blamed MTV’s editing for people’s negative perceptions of her, writing, “People react to what they see. I can’t necessarily just blame them. There’s higher people who chose to make sure I’m never truly heard for there own benefit. I’m too good for that s**t.” 

It was a difficult episode for Gary and Kristina, and Kristina thanked her husband and Amber on Twitter for their support after it aired. 

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