'Teen Mom OG': Bristol Palin Argues With Dakota Meyer Over Their Custody Schedule (Exclusive)

Bristol Palin, 'Teen Mom OG'
Courtesy of MTV

The former couple get in a prickly exchange in a clip for the next episode.

Things get testy in a brand new teaser for the next episode of Teen Mom OG.

Bristol Palin and her ex-husband, Dakota Meyer, sit down to discuss their alternating custody of their two daughters, Sailor and Atlee, ages 2 and 1, respectively. Although things start cordially enough, they soon get prickly. 

The point of contention is over their girls attending the September wedding of Bristol's sister, Willow. The little ones were flower girls and Bristol claims to have bought plane tickets months ago for the event. The problem is the wedding fell on a week when Meyer had custody of the kids, meaning he potentially wouldn’t see them for a while.

“I mean, they can go, I don’t care, but I’ll tell you, I think it’s crazy for a whole week for the girls to be in Alaska,” Dakota pushes back.

“To see my family? To see my family?” she responds.

“You can take them any week,” he argues. Prior to this exchange, Dakota argues that when they last discussed this trip, things were very different between them.

“Hold on, so first off, let’s get this straight, a month ago we were still together,” Dakota states.

“A month ago, no we weren’t,” Bristol counters. That’s when Dakota attempts to get her to admit that back in June, when they last discussed wedding arrangements, they were still a couple, which Bristol swiftly undermines, stating, “It depends on the day.”

Dakota isn’t the only ex with whom Bristol has a varying memory of their relationship and parenting. In last week’s episode, she claims son Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston, was only in his life on a “just really sporadic” basis, later stating, “He didn’t spend the night with him until Tripp was almost four.”

Levi gave a statement to ET sharing his side of the story regarding his involvement as a father.

“I have been in Tripp’s life since he was born as history shows,” he wrote. “I was even back together with his mom off and on. If there were ever days where I didn’t have my son, it was solely because Bristol did not allow me to have him. I have never once been absent as a choice. In fact, the only time I’ve got to see him consistently was when it was court ordered for her to let me.”

“She says things are better with us but every episode brings more slander,” he continued. “If taking my son away to Texas only allowing me summers and breaks isn’t bad enough. Speaking lies and causing bad blood again is only affecting my son and daughters. Not sure what she’s gaining by all of this but it’s childish and pathetic.”

New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

Check out the new clip up above.