Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer Have Blow Out Fight Over His PTSD on 'Teen Mom OG'

The two made their debut on MTV's reality series.

Bristol Palin and her now ex-husband had a major fight on the premiere of Teen Mom: OG on Monday night.

In the episode, Palin discussed how her 2016 marriage to Dakota Meyer felt rushed. The former couple -- who confirmed their divorce in August -- share two daughters, Sailor, 2, and Atlee, 1, while Palin also has a son, 9-year-old Tripp, with Levi Johnston.

“I was super, super, super, super independent before I got married. I was a single mom forever. I liked my own things, having my own schedule, being able to discipline Tripp how I wanted to. All these other things," Palin, 27, explains during her sister Willow's bachelorette party. "And then, when you get married, you, like, lose all that because you have to sit here and talk to someone else. Get their opinions, get their voice. You know, everything else. It's been challenging because I think we were already grown up and set in our ways when we got married."

"And his PTSD is really affecting our marriage," Palin adds of Meyer's condition following returning as the only surviving member of his platoon during the Afghanistan war.

When she arrives back home in Texas, Palin decides to press the issue with Meyer in an effort to see what was bothering him lately.

"I've been trying to tell you for a week," the 30-year-old exclaims in the car with the kids. "My anxiety has been going nuts. It's been crushing me. I've been having nightmares."

Palin asks her husband how she can help, but he doesn't know what to tell her.

"I don't know. Like, honestly, I've tried to tell you over and over and asked you for help a thousand times," he says. "... Just don't sit over there and act like, 'Well what's wrong with you?' All you wanna do is tell me all the things that are wrong with me and all the things I do wrong when I have anxiety. That’s all you do.”

Palin continues the conversation, telling Meyer that “it’s hard for me to have compassion in these situations because you keep pulling the rope from underneath me all the time.” 

Meyer takes offense to this, questioning why Palin "can't be there for me whenever I'm having anxiety."

"That’s part of being married to me. It’s not something that is hereditary, it’s not something I grew up with, it’s something that I deal with from having nightmares every single night, seeing my dead guys every single morning when I wake up," he says. "I mean, I'm not ashamed. You want to know what the problem is! You're right and that's the problem. You know it and you just can’t put your own anger and put them aside to try to help the person that is your husband.”

He continues, “That’s the problem, where I get mad. But, it’s fine, you know what, because, guess what, like every other time I’ll figure it out again. But don’t act like you don’t know what’s wrong.”

“I’m sorry you’re going through this, Dakota,” Palin responds.

After arriving home, Palin goes on to explain more of her frustrations to both Meyer and the show's producers.

“I know he's got major anxiety right now. Obviously, there’s lots of pain between us. I feel bad, I feel terrible about it, but it’s been two years where it’s, like, two years of hurt," Palin confides. "My frustration is just, you know, I understand you have anxiety, but it doesn’t justify the things that are said between us if that makes sense.”

“What she doesn’t understand is it’s two years for her, it’s been since Sept. 8, 2009, for me and she acts like it’s a choice that I live with it,” Meyer fires back. “She acts like it’s a choice that I have anxiety. It's like, all I want you to do is support me. I just need your help at these moments.”

“I’m just tired of, you know, ‘It’s my anxiety,’ ‘It’s what I’ve seen,’” she says. “So that justifies me saying stuff that insinuates that I’m a bad mom? And then it just makes me walk around like, ‘OK, you know, I guess I am a crappy mom, I guess I am a b**ch, I guess I am this. I'm this. I'm that.'"

She continues, "I don’t want to raise my kids to, you know, to think that this is what a marriage looks like, you know?”

Meyer admits to saying "some mean things," before saying he always apologizes afterward. This defense does not sit well with Palin, though.

"I'm a punching bag for everything that he goes through internally," she laments. "And that's why I sit here and I tell the counselors that we've seen, 'What can I sit here and blame this is his service or this is him just being a d*ck?'"

“I mean, there you go. I mean what else do I need to say?” Meyer angrily reacts. “At the end of the day, I watched my whole f**king team die on Sept. 8, 2009. There’s not one day I don’t wake up and I don’t see those guys. Listening to 'em screaming on the radios for it. And I've got to sit here and listen to her tell me it’s a f**king excuse? 'I don't know what's PTSD and what's not.' Are you kidding [me]?"

He continues, "You wonder why I go off the rails and why it gets amplified? All I want her to do is love me and be there for my scars. And I still get up and pay the bills. And I’m still being a good father. And I’m still trying to be a good husband. It’s not like I go to hotel rooms and lock myself in for a week and drink, or I beat my wife, or I do all these things because I say some things whenever I’m upset, because I’m amplified because I can’t get any help from the person I do the most for."

Meyer goes on to claim that Palin has called him "a f**king dope" and tells counselors that she “lay in bed and wait for him to blow his f**king head off."

"I did not say it like that," Palin exclaims. "You are putting the narrative to this entire thing completely false.”

“It’s a fact that you said it,” he says. “You said it to that doctor in Alaska and it’s bullsh*t.”

Palin replies, “I said that I worry about you killing yourself.”

“It’s bullsh*t,” Meyer says before storming out the front door of their home.

ET caught up with Palin last month and she revealed more about what led to the end of her and Meyer's marriage.

"I think that our marriage was something that was very fast, and he would agree too," she said. "There's a lot of things that we probably both wished that we would have done differently. I think there's a lot of things that we would advise our children to do different, absolutely."

She continued, "I do go to sleep at night knowing that I've tried my hardest. Is it unfortunate how things have ended up? Absolutely. But I do go to bed knowing that I have given it my all."

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