Tessa Thompson Reacts to Being 'Shipped' With Janelle Monáe After the 'Make Me Feel' Music Video

The 'Thor: Ragnarok' star had high praise for the 'Make Me Feel' singer after her new 'bisexual anthem.'

Tessa Thompson is all for getting shipped with Janelle Monáe -- even if she's not quite sure what it means.

ET's Courtney Tezeno talked to the Thor: Ragnarok star on Thursday, where she responded to the great fan response she and the "Make Me Feel" singer have been getting after her gorgeous "San Junipero"-esque music video dropped.

"What does shipping mean? They're going to put you in a box together and ship you away?" she asked, before it was clarified that it meant fans thought they would be a cute couple. She laughed, "OH, right!"

Real talk though, basically none of us have used "shipping" correctly since the term was coined.

"Janelle and I have been really close. We've been really good friends at this point for about three and a half years," Thompson continued. I'm so lucky to have her in my life. I met her in an audition!"

Thompson added that watching Monae thrive in both film and music, all while working to empower others, has been really inspiring.

"I'm so proud of her now that she's entering the film space. So what we were able to do for her in this record cycle for her is to make what they are calling an 'emotion picture,'" she explained. "Janelle is somebody that is interested in empowering not just women but people to be who they are."

"People called it a bisexual anthem," Thompson said of the song and video. "If it makes people feel liberated in their skin and feel closer to who they are, then I think we did our job."

Check out the awesome video below.

Thor: Ragnarok is available on Digital Friday, and comes to 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on March 6. 

In January, Thompson spoke to ET about women's increased representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from Black Panther to Captain Marvel and her own ThorRagnarok stand-out, Valkyrie -- who Thompson confirmed last year is a bisexual character.

“In [Black Panther] there are all these incredible women in the form of Angela Bassett and Lupita [Nyong'o] and Danai [Gurira]," she said. "We're going to see Brie Larson and her standalone with DeWanda Wise, who is also here tonight, doing Captain Marvel. We'll see what happens with Valkyrie next, but yeah, the women rule supreme; they always have. But I think we'll see in the next phase [of Marvel films] that really translate on screen in a real way."

Watch the video below for more.


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