'The Bachelor': Demi on If She's Filing Assault Charges for 'WTA' Pacifier Altercation (Exclusive)

Demi wasn't sure where Courtney was hiding that pacifier, but guessed it came out of a place where the sun don't shine.

Things got physical on Tuesday's episode of The Bachelor: Women Tell All

The women who didn't win Colton Underwood's heart reuniting for the reunion show, which saw several of them confront the Bachelor for breaking their hearts -- and others hash out lingering drama between fellow castmembers. One such discussion was between Courtney and Demi, who had unfinished business after Demi told Colton that Courtney was the "cancer of the house": he sent Courtney home that night. 

Courtney thought she got her payback at the "Women Tell All," when she tried to teach Demi a lesson about growing up by SHOVING A PACIFIER IN HER MOUTH. Demi responded by throwing pacifier back at Courtney. 

When speaking with ET's Lauren Zima after the taping, Demi addressed whether she planned to file charges against Courtney. 

"No, [I won't file charges], and she's lucky that I'm not," she insisted. "I mean, it took her a long time to come up with that idea. It was a terrible idea, it was stupid, but I don't have the time of day to go and file an assault charge against her. She embarrassed herself enough tonight and that was all the pleasure I needed out of that."

The crowd was definitely on Demi's side, expressing shock and outrage that Courtney would physically approach her. 

"I just thought maybe she was just going to be a little sassy or something, but the second she put her hand in my face, I was like ready to throw hands," Demi recalled. "I was like, 'This is not Jerry Springer, Demi. Do not throw hands with her!'"

"She put a pacifier in my mouth calling me a child and physically assaulted me," she claimed, saying that she stopped herself from retaliating physically. "That is not how we should act as human beings. Violence is never the answer, so I had to calm myself down. I did throw the pacifier at her head, and I felt a little bad about that."

"I was just triggered when she put that thing near my face. Where'd you pull that out of? Why are you putting it near my face and where's the police? 'Security! Security!'" Demi re-enacted, guessing that the pacifier came "out of her butthole."

Security was definitely a concern for Harrison, who spoke with the Bachelor team backstage about how to handle the situation. "[Security] got on the headset and said, 'Do you guys want me to get out there?'" he revealed. "That was a little bizarre. When she got up, I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but the body language quickly told me it was not good. And then I couldn't really see, and I realized she was shoving a pacifier in her mouth."

"[Courtney] had the pacifier, so I'm sure one of the producers [thought she would] toss her a pacifier, maybe put it in her lap," he guessed. "I don't think anybody knew she was gonna try and shove it through the back of her throat."

"Clearly [she took it too far]. Obviously that's not cool -- not a good look, as we say," Harrison declared. "If she hasn't apologized, she should apologize. It went way too far. I get they're not happy. You can not like somebody, you can yell at somebody, but that went way too far. So, [it was] not appropriate and I wasn't OK with it. Demi's fine, but still. That's not our best look."

Demi was just fine -- and basking in the glory of "winning" her argument with Courtney. 

"I absolutely feel like I won. They were chanting, 'Demi, Demi!' I was like, 'Yes! This is my big moment!'" she told ET. "I was really freaked out by what she did and I was overwhelmed.  I was like, 'I thought you made yourself look bad for The Bachelor, and here we are at 'Women Tell All,' and it's just a repeat, except 10 times worse and now you're going to get 10 times more hate than you already received.'" 

"I don't like anybody hating on anyone, but she's setting herself up for it," Demi added, revealing her one message for Courtney, who still couldn't think of anything to say to Colton: "Cricket, cricket!" 

Colton's journey will continue with a two-night finale on Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12, airing at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here