'The Bachelor': Where Was Fan Favorite Elyse During 'Women Tell All'? (Exclusive)

She set off a chain of goodbyes, but didn't stick around to see how the drama played out on 'Women Tell All.'

Elyse set off a chain of women leaving Colton Underwood on his season of The Bachelor -- but where was she during "Women Tell All?" 

"She's at a wedding!" Onyeka told ET's Lauren Zima after the taping on Feb. 22, clarifying that the fan favorite didn't get married herself. 

"It was one of her best friends. She was in the wedding in Mexico," she continued. "This wedding was like, before the show even aired or started filming. She was like, 'I have a wedding this weekend in February. I have a feeling 'Women Tell All' is gonna be then.'"

Elyse confirmed the news on her Instagram on Tuesday, first sharing a silly video of herself from her best friend's wedding, and then clarifying that she had no bad blood with Bachelor production. 

"First off, I learned more about myself and what I want from a partner in weeks on this show than I have in quite some time...It afforded me the opportunity to take a long look in the mirror and see what I needed to work on, to be the type of person my future partner deserves," she wrote. "I left in a lot of tears, and a dress that while I loved may have looked a bit like a wedding gown... However I have no doubts that I was supposed to be on this season of The Bachelor."

"I am thankful for the lessons, I'm thankful for the tears, I'm thankful for the friendships, I'm thankful to Colton, and I am especially thankful to the [Bachelor] team who allowed me to be authentically myself," Elyse added.

Elyse exited the show halfway through the season, explaining to Colton that her feelings were too strong for him to watch him pursue relationships with other women. Fans quickly called for her to be our next Bachelorette, but as Colton pointed out during a recent interview with ET, this format might not be "exactly for her." 

“I'm not saying that just to spite her, I'm just saying it's realistic," he shared. “It is a lot... It took me a couple shows, I guess, to get there and really realize [that].”

Colton continued, sharing that Elyse's departure taught him a thing or two about his journey to find love. “I came to the realization that yes, I am the Bachelor, and yes, I have this title and I have the roses in my hand, but that doesn't make me invincible to getting my heart broken, and these women leaving when they want to leave,” he said.

“I respect her choice and for her to stand up and do what she felt was best for her,” Colton continued. “It also sort of hit home for me. It's being told, 'Hey, it's not exactly what I want, or it's not quite there.' So it's tough. It's always tough to watch it.”

While we would have liked to see Elyse and Colton come face to face after their breakup, he's got a lot of other things to address during "Women Tell All" -- like that famous fence jump.

Colton's journey will continue with a two-night Bachelor finale on Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12, airing at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here