'Bachelor: Women Tell All': Did Chris Harrison Just Hint That Hannah B.'s Our Next Bachelorette?

There were catfights galore on the show's reunion episode -- but we didn't miss the subtle hint at our next Bachelorette.

Nothing gets past us, Chris Harrison

After Monday night's shocking episode of The Bachelor -- Colton Underwood finally jumped the fence! -- the former football player and his exes sat down to talk it out on the "Women Tell All" special on Tuesday night. ET was live blogging along the way.

From the women's opinions of Colton's fence jump (and his breakup with Cassie), to Caelynn confronting Colton for dumping her after hometowns, to the drama between the ladies (Caelynn vs. Hannah B., Nicole vs. Onyeka, Demi vs. Courtney... the list goes on), we we're ready to talk it out! And talk it out we did -- until we saw Chris hint at our next Bachelorette. 

During her time in the hot seat, Hannah B. was given the opportunity to deliver a do-over toast (let's not think about her awkward one-on-one with Colton). "Cheers to this beautiful day together, new experiences, and continuing to be honest, real, every moment we have together, and roll tide!" she yelled. 

Chris, meanwhile, offered a toast in return to her finding "fierce love" -- which is a hint that she's our next Bachelorette if we've ever seen one. 

Bachelorette hints aside, we've still got two episodes left with Colton, who defended his reaction to Cassie breaking up with him, and jumping the fence, while chatting with ET at the "Women Tell All" taping. 

"I think making that statement is something I would make in any relationship that I'm in. You have to choose to love somebody, you have to choose to fight for anybody you're in a relationship with," he explained. "I think that's what love is, and that's what being in a relationship is all about."

The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" special airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Underwood's journey will continue with a two-night finale on Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12. 

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